Collecting fic, art, cosplay, and also more for the wonderful Welpertained to Hell fandom.

If you"ve checked out the short I think you already know what you"re getting into, however I"ll list warnings anyway: death, suicide, sandwiches, puns, blood, gore...

This is a FANBLOG, not official. Official blog below.

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you have the right to (and should) evaluation welpertained to hell on any platcreate you have the right to - choose imdb, tmdb, and also letterboxd. leaving reviews and also including them to lists of your favorite films deserve to help more civilization uncover (and enjoy) w2h!

(tbelow are additionally pages for sister film bird and also fish on imdb, tmdb, and letterboxd as well)




W2H fanart as a thank you to Erica Wester for speaking for QSSA a pair weeks earlier :^> !


you can (and should) review welinvolved hell on any platdevelop you deserve to - like imdb, tmdb, and letterboxd. leaving reviews and also adding them to lists of your favorite movies have the right to help even more civilization find (and also enjoy) w2h!

(tright here are also peras for sister film bird and fish on imdb, tmdb, and also letterboxd as well)

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i love this so much

#she/her yet in like a means wright here you look at a majestic ship not like a woguy (via


so i gained back into w2h and I made Lockscreens so right here u go

one has like ~pretty filter~ and also the various other is simply normal so pick ur selecting folks

literally just reblog or prefer if u use lol

Credit to Erica Wester for Welpertained to Hell and also the artoccupational presented sent out me this remarkable Christmas gift she commissioned from a regional artist in Minneapolis! He’s a needle-felt number but he’s got an aluminum wire armature inside him, so he’s also a stop-mo puppet!

(He came to me favor that, peaking out of the tinfoil, the little stinker…)

Thank you SOOOO so much! This is such a distinct and beautiful little gift, and also I deserve to tell many care entered him! Thank you!!!

The message I sent out ping individually had actually FAR less compocertain, haha… I love this little bit male so much…

glad you choose him!!

Merry Christmas from Sock On the Shelf

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Overwhelmed over nothing

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heres how sockathan have the right to still win

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happy halloween w2h!