The game can it is in quite an overwhelming with evading The Kidnapper, The Breather and also the continuous hacking while also trying to uncover keys. Helping you acquire the 100%, below are some basic information about the various facets of the game and some tips because that each one of them.

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It"s recommended to complete the tutorial in ~ the begin of the game. You acquire an accomplishment and the straightforward training the the games mechanics.

#GoodGuyAdamFinish the tutorial.



There are 8 codes you have to find. 2 on every of the deep wikis, 1 that"s on one of the 3 deep wikis (the random code is constantly number 7), and the last one is ~ above "The Gatekeeper" website.

Some codes are already visible ~ above the website, while some codes require you to click a specific word or image for them to appear on the site (some codes appear on the desktop).

X - yyyy (X is the stimulate of the code, yyyy is the 4 number of the code)

Finding codes has actually been made much easier by the developer. Every time you fill up a brand-new page save looking in ~ the loading bar. If the loading bar stays for a 2nd longer the website has actually a code.

Adam elaborates further in the tutorial.

You have actually 30 in game days to uncover the red room (you will certainly most likely be caught before this ever happens).

The Kidnapper:

While intimidating in ~ first, he conveniently becomes a nuisance. The kidnapper starts being active after a pair of days, sometimes taking 6-7 job before getting here for the an initial time.

The kidnapper has actually sound cues announcing his arrival. He can be heard closing the doors that his van, or walking approximately the house. If girlfriend hear these cues, rotate around and turn off the lights.

After the kidnapper traction up through the van, there is quiet a duration before the targets you. Simply be top top the lookout for the ar services icon on your monitor. The ar services arrowhead will show up on the peak right that the in-game monitor. If you see that icon, revolve around, switch off the lights and let the kidnapper go on by. ~ this encounter, the arrow will no much longer appear and the kidnapper will just show up.

He gets right into the home through the window. If you"re busy on the computer, the waits a while because that you to look away before taking you, but if you"re taking too lengthy he turns you himself. After check the door as soon as the kidnapper is near triggers a sequence wherein he measures in front of you in the doorway. When visiting "The Pedo Handbook" clicking on the enter button makes him display up instantly, providing you a video game over.

The Breather:

The newly included character has actually some interesting mechanics. He will start calling friend a pair days right into the game. It"s for sure to allow him speak after answering, he will hang up on his own (I don"t recognize if talk to him much longer leads come him finding you quicker). ~ a when he stop calling and also that can be a authorize of him getting to your house so be certain to examine the door when in a while. He have the right to be heard walking increase the measures to your door. If friend hear him, walk to the door (funnily, he"s watched walking approximately the door, also though that"s what friend heard).

If he is in ~ the door, you have actually 2 options. Very first you can hold the doorknob (left mouse) and also not allow him see you (takes longer), or you deserve to look in ~ him, making that spot you, and brace the door (left mouse) while that tries to absent it in (shorter, yet riskier).

If that gets inside he either runs in and kills you soon or waits because that you to turn around.

The Hackers:

While not a character, the hackers attack your computer deserve a mention.

Getting hacked is a random event, the much longer you are on the deep internet the an ext frequent the hacking becomes. This deserve to be avoided through resetting your modem (while resetting you space unable come move, for this reason reset only once not in danger).

"The Gatekeeper" website hacks you if you fail to answer a question correctly (I believe this is the only instance where acquiring hacked is no a random event).

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There space three varieties of attacks:

Dos attack - The signal move in the direction the the arrows, and also you need to rotate particular arrows to enable the signal to gain to the endV.A.P.E assault - You have to divide the blocks so none of them are touching on the sidesKernel attack - You need to re-type the assorted lines of password on the screen

Failing to safeguard yourself from the hackers results in shedding days and also can likewise erase your notes. If her notes acquire erased, I indicate restarting.

The Websites:

List of the working websites and their code areas in alphabetical order:

Bathroom Cams (24/7) - clicking on one that the pictures shows the codeBlack Hat post (10pm-1am) - clicking on one that the photos shows the codeBurned in ~ The Stake (10pm-2am) - *If you understand this one, help us complete this listCheap surgical treatment (24/7) - *If you know this one, aid us finish this listChosen wake up (24/7) - perfect the puzzle shows the Deep web Wiki II linkClaffis (24/7) - completing the puzzle reflects the Deep web Wiki III linkCotton road (24/7, yet useless, taken end by the FBI)DarkBook (24/7) - click the login button shows the codeDeath log in (24/7) - *If you understand this one, assist us complete this listDoctor killing (12pm-3am) - *If you understand this one, help us complete this listEuro firearms (10pm-1am) - *If you recognize this one, assist us finish this listFamily drug Shop (24/7) - *If you know this one, help us complete this listFather Donald (12am-4am) - *If you know this one, help us finish this listFlesh trade (24/7) - clicking on one that the red concerns shows a codeForgive Me (24/7) - among the confessions is a codeForsaken gifts (24/7) - clicking on one the the two doll images shows a codeGrandma"s Fantasy (24/7) - clicking on the grandma or the guy"s crotch in the image shows a password (could likewise have the one of the four ending 2 codes)Grave thieves (11pm-3am) - *If you understand this one, help us finish this listGreet My sisters (12pm-4am) - clicking on one that the photos shows a codeHail Satan (24/7) - *If you recognize this one, help us finish this listHidden Cams (24/7) - The code mirrors up if one of the images is clicked, or the password is shown on the bespeak pageHot Burners (24/7) - *If you understand this one, assist us complete this listIlluminati (3am-4am) - clicking on the eye and typing 666 shows the coordinates to the ARG aspect of the game linked to the whereby Am i endingIs angry (2am-4am) - clicking one the the photos shows a codeKill because that Me (12pm-4am) - The password is on the accuse pageLegion (24/7) - clicking one that the web links or the logo design shows the codeNude Youtubers (11pm-2am) - clicking on any kind of of the flashy text, eyes or the nipples reflects the password (could likewise have the among the four finishing 2 codes)Organ Mart (10pm-1am) - clicking one of the images shows the codePassports are Us (24/7) - clicking on the picture shows the password or the password is currently on the websitePay 2 Rape (1am-4am) - *If you recognize this one, help us complete this listScream Bitch (24/7) - *If you understand this one, aid us finish this listShadow net Portal (12am-3am) - clicking the "200$" reflects a codeSteroid Queen (24/7) - *If you recognize this one, help us complete this listTakedownman (24/7) - Clicking among the overcome out web links shows the codeTango down (10pm-1am) - *If you know this one, assist us finish this listTestical Mutilation (12pm-3am) - clicking on the heels (try top top the star and also dots too) or ~ above the logo shows a codeThe Bomb machine (24/7) - clicking one of the pictures shows a codeThe Bunker (24/7, however useless, taken over by the FBI)The Butcher (24/7) - *If you recognize this one, assist us complete this listThe Doll maker (24/7) - clicking one that the images shows a codeThe Gatekeeper (24/7) - Beating the quiz mirrors the 8th codeThe Loogaroo (24/7) - *If you understand this one, assist us finish this listThe Muhgel (10pm-1am) - The code is top top the bottom leftThe Pedo Handbook (1am-4am) - The password is written on the siteThe prey (11pm-2am) - *If you understand this one, help us finish this listWarehouse 33 (24/7) - The password is on one of the Warehouses linkedWeed article (24/7) - *If you know this one, help us complete this listzeroDay (24/7) - In the rant section

Check ~ above your desktop if you can"t find the password on the site


When beginning a new game always complete "Chosen awake", "Claffis" and "The Gatekeeper" websites first.If you desire some breath room from every the distractions (killers and also hackers) click the icon on the optimal right that the screen. Click yes to save and after being lugged to the key menu, click proceed to resume the game. This skips a day, yet delays the killers for a brief amount of time (location services still don"t display up ~ the an initial time)If you desire to avoid the threat of losing your notes, you can use a pen and document ;)Not all noises are a threat. Several of the risk-free noises are: typing, chair moving, a light bang on the table