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Athene I.

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Charles M.

I wouldn"t even rate this cab company a one star if i didn"t have actually to. I referred to as several times prior to anyone answered. Climate I finished up having to take this cab double the an initial guy was cool and didn"t go the end of his means to include extra miles just to make much more money. The 2nd guy walk - since of the second guy I will certainly not usage this cab business again.

Charles M.

Clean Cabs and Fast Response. I referred to as the other company Glenns Cabs they said they only had 5 cabs working at the time. Westbank Cabs had actually over 50 working approximately Midnight. An excellent service !

I to be in brand-new Orleans during Mardi Gras and the new Orleans Taxi cabs make the efforts charging us $20 person. Westbank Cab came throughout the flow to gain us when nobody rather would! above and past service GREAT!!!!!

I would never recommended west bank cabs due to the fact that that wouldn"t send me a cab after calling ten times however Glenda taxi wasn"t a difficulty they to be within a couple of min that me calling

My son"t automobile would no start and also he had to gain to work. Us didn"t have actually cash because that a cab, for this reason I called West financial institution Marrero Cab. The type lady that answered was able to take my credit transaction card information and a cab was below within 10 minutes. The auto was a large nice clean air-conditioned red SUV, and the driver to be a friendly male who confirmed my info and also ID climate drove my son off to work. An excellent experience!!

I had actually a very BAD endure with the other taxi business on the Westbank GLENNS Taxi. Since then I just use Westbank Marrero Cab service. Over there cars are clean and drivers are very careful and nice. You re welcome DONT use GLENNS Cabs, 1 that there drivers was so invited he fell asleep with me in the earlier seat, I had actually to slap that to wake him up. I have actually never had actually a trouble with Westbank Marrero.

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