What carry out the Fitbit symbols mean? This is an extremely widespread question among a lot of Fitlittle owners. In this article, I will certainly share the the majority of widespread Fitlittle symbols and also what they mean…Fitbit came up with icons to aid us understand also the current state of our health. The symbols are intended to be an easy-to-review depiction of your health and wellness and fitness.Related: Best Fitlittle for Women

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Fitbit Symbols Meaning (2021 Update)

NB: The list of Fitlittle signs below is not exhaustive. Also, the signs may differ from one Fitbit version to one more.

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For a conclusive list of the Fitbit signs, inspect out the Fitbit user manuals here (you first have to learn what Fitlittle you have)SymbolNameMore infoFloors climbedThis let’s you track the floors you have climbed. Learn even more around Fitbit Floors below.Heart RateTrack your heart rate day and night.Hourly Activity GoalsHelps you cut back on your stationary time throughout the day.DistanceTrack the distance extended.Calories BurnedEstimate the number of calories burned based on the form of task and exactly how lengthy you were doing itExercise AppSee real-time stats and a workout summary for the exercise you select
Steps TakenTrack the actions you have taken throughout the day.
Active Zone MinutesCounts your time spent in any type of heart-pumping activityActive MinutesThis tells you when you have actually invested at least 10 consistent minutes in an activity.RunFound inside the exercise appOutdoor BikeFound inside the exercise appSportsFound inside the exercise app
Aerobic WorkoutFound inside the exercise app -->