Rant Yogscast In short, #yogdrama is perpetuated by the Yogscast. Perform better.

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After whatever that"s happened entailing Ridge, it really provides you wonder if the whole Peva and Ridge fiasco just ~*may*~ have been it was crooked in the latter"s favour. Bet the Yogs wished they"d preserved Peva in the end, negative kid.

It resonates a lot through this conversation Peva post (warning, long)


Okay, therefore Ridgedog had complete control of the sweep that’s supposed to remove all the an adverse mods and Tinman. And also Peva is below saying the Ridgedog is going around things the wrong means and producing unnecessary fallout. Lewis claims they want to spare him from the purge.

You obtain this quote native Tinman - and i have to introduce it since I feel like world might no remember that he is. He stole around $18,000 native the Yogscast through redirecting some of the ad money from their website. They never obtained that money back. Just so we’re clear the he’s not a perfect source:

Well I will still make videos on my own, I have been that for a when now. And also I can confirm that Lewis is definitely involved in what is going on, he rental Ridgedog to carry out the **** for him, you know if you carry out the negative stuff civilization will dislike you, so you hire someone to carry out it because that you. Well its what the did, and its clear is going to far, they have been dropping world left and right there is no caring for what they have done for them in the past, and kicking civilization out the 2nd they hear any kind of hearsay.

During the purge Peva criticize Ridgedog because that his taking care of of the case publicly (from Ridgedog’s perspective, putting him on the Purge list).

Peva aired Ridgedog’s dealing with of his remove publicly.

Ridgedog’s response to everything going public:

You Motherfucker, You have the right to kiss her youtube channel goodbye. Reap the hate, that the last point your going come get

Lewis’ an answer to Peva’s public release.

I to be not actively involved in the rest of what occurred - but it appears that Ridgedog asked pat to action down and also some mud-slinging walk on. Several of the conversations the went top top were not as skilled as they should have actually been, and also Ridgedog has actually acknowledged that he walk not handle some instances well, but that there to be insults being thrown ~ above both sides.As a result of his removal native the staff, Peva’s
yogscast e-mail resolve was closed and he temporarily lost access
come his YouTube channel “yogscastpeva” and his yogscast-related “peva” facebook page.

“Temporarily shed access”

We make the efforts to get these returned to him, and I e-mailed our contact at YouTube to gain Peva’s channel earlier to him, but before we might fix this situation, Peva threatened to release our passwords and personal information, adjusted the “yogiverse.com” domain to link to his “new” site, and embarked ~ above a smear campaign versus us, ostensibly to publicise his new website.Peva has not provided us an chance to respond come his concerns, and also has taken numerous images and also conversations out of context, or faked them altogether.

Peva took the opportunity, as someone ostensibly“protected” indigenous Ridgedog’s power trip, to criticize Ridgedog’s terrible managing of the remove of the moderators, Peva’s friends. Ridgedog target him, abused him, broke into his accounts and also harassed him until he had sufficient evidence to acquire him removed.

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It’s one old story yet I don’t dislike reruns, and also I’ve never ever actually broken it under this method before.