The players constantly ask what is the r4 3ds card for a Nintenperform 3DS or brand-new 3DS console and likewise DS, DS lite, DSi. So what is the r4 card? How to run the r4 3ds card? Where to buy a really excellent linker r4 3ds!


At a glance

Revolution for DS, abbreviated R4 or R4 DS, is a card flash for Nintenperform DS created specifically for emulation of ROMs and to execute illegal or crakeadas applications in the consingle.

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The R4 flashcards of the initially generation have actually a distinct chip, this chip is not for emulation, but an anticopy defense that avoids other rivals from plagiarizing the gadget. The second generation of flashcard developed once other crackers broke the security of the R4, however, these brand-new cards compelled including miscellaneous gadgets to the console or patching the ROMs. The flashcards for 3DS are still in the first generation.

What is r4 card for 3ds?


The r4 3ds card can likewise call a r4 3ds linker, so what is a r4 3ds card for all players? First, for a Nintenperform 3DS consingle player, 2DS, DS, DS Lite, DSi, if we prefer to play a 3ds game or a DS game, he demands to buy an original 3ds or nds cartridge one by one. It"s not helpful and it"s expensive for that.

In this instance, it shows up the card r4 to launch ROMs/DS games on the old consoles favor DS, DS Lite (XL), DSi (XL). This r4 card is compatible with DS games on DS version 1.4.5 E/J/U. With an r4 card, all players deserve to run cost-free and infinite DS games on the nintenexecute DS console. Then, players do not must buy native cartridges. In fact, the r4 card is a hack means to enjoy the complimentary ROMs.

R4 3DS

After the DS, DS Lite or DSi console, the Nintendo Company kind of has released a brand-new consingle, it"s a 3DS. This consingle has actually 3D result. And players deserve to run 3ds games on a 3ds.

So what happens to the r4 card on a 3ds console? For the r4 card, it can walk directly on a 3DS, however it does not support 3ds games, because the r4 card is compatible with nds games. As the R4 DS card supports games directly on a 3DS, then it is referred to as the r4 3ds card. But please be careful that the r4 3ds card does not play 3ds games on a 3ds household console.

Is r4 3ds legal to use

The R4 3DS card is famous among Nintenexecute 3DS players, it can play DS games for complimentary, a r4 linker supports homebrews, apps or devices. Players can downfill cost-free games, and also the kernel on the main website, then we deserve to hack a Nintencarry out New3DS/3DS/2DS. So tright here are many kind of players who ask if r4 3ds is legal, is it prohibited?

R4 3DS legal

R4 3DS is legal, players have the right to simply downpack DS games, it"s exceptionally straightforward to walk free games on all NintendoNew3DS/3DS/2DS. Now every player deserve to make a purchase of the r4 3ds card on the virtual website. There are too many type of choices for the virtual site by in search of And the ideal I recommfinish is

In fact, it is the users of the R4 card who commit acts of piracy and also not the r4 card which is itself an illegal tool. In fact, as soon as you downfill pirated games on the NET in your r4 card, you enter the illegal zone. From that moment, you are responsible for the fault and also not the card. The R4 card is, in truth, a flash card that have the right to be thought about as an exterior hard drive for the Nintenperform DS handheld.

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R4 3DS has been on the sector for more than 5 years, and also the Nintenperform team is not blocking this r4 3ds card. In enhancement, the r4 3ds linker is compatible with eextremely update of Nintenperform 3DS or New3ds firmware till the latest version.