When navigating our site, you may notification that most items are marked as “one size” or “OS.” If you’ve ever before wondered what that’s every about, I’m here to help!

We’ve certainly talked about this before, however it bears repeating: there is no such thing as “one size fits all.” in spite of what some clothes companies will certainly tell you, and what i would really much choose to believe, yes no such thing as an object that fits perfect on everyone. Also our stretchiest socks will be too little for someone, or as well long, or also short…you obtain the picture.

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Now, through that out of the way, what does “one size” actually mean?

On our site, “one size” or “OS” is usually offered when things only come in one size. Sometimes something will certainly come in a “one size” or a “plus size,” yet most likely if something come it multiple sizes, they’ll be plainly denoted as small, medium, large, etc, as identified by the brand that produces them.

We use OS together a default for items that don’t come with detailed sizes. We bring so countless brands, and sizing deserve to vary so wildly in between different brands, that there isn’t really a global “one size” any an ext than over there is a universal “large” or “dress size 14.” One item might be ~ above the smaller sized side, while one more will skew larger.


Although both OS, the Julia end the Knee socks stretch to 17 inches in the cuff, when the M45s stretch to 26 inches.

When friend see things is noted as OS, the an initial thing you want to do is examine the Sizing Tips. We have some abbreviation tips ideal under the name of the item, but much more information can usually be uncovered in the tab under the images.

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Being OS doesn’t median something will not fit into plus sizes; in fact, a most the item in ours Plus Size ar are OS. Us still incorporate them due to the fact that we know, from testing on actual people, the they will fit right into plus sizes. Will certainly they fit all plus size bodies? Unfortunately, no, but neither will all “plus size” items. Again, the Sizing Tips room your friend!


our Dreamer Americana Thigh Highs and Extraordinarily much longer Thigh Highs are both OS, however with 27 customs or much more stretch in your cuffs, lock both deserve a spot in our Plus dimension section.

If you’re ever in doubt around whether something will certainly fit you, always feel free to drop us a line v your measurements—we’re happy to aid you find the perfect thing!