ns think the substituent of choice (a) should attack the meta place as the result carbanion gets stabilized by an inductive effect, but no such compound is given. So whereby am i making a mistake?




Your reasoning is fairly correct for an uncatalysed reaction. Ns think you have forgotten around the hydrochloric acid you also include (in catalytic amounts). Friend will thus protonate the twin bond first, with the carbo cation being much more stable in the ortho position. The alcohol can now act as a nucleophile and attack at the carbon. Therefore (c) is the exactly answer.

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The factor A is no correct is due to the fact that this is a various sort of reaction than the one you room referring to. It is very common come mistake cyclohexane or in this instance dihydropyran with benzene, an fragrant ring. When the term "meta" is used, it says you are applying the rules of electrophilic fragrant substitution to a reaction that entails an fragrant ring. This is no such a case.

This is merely an electrophilic enhancement with a resonance stabilized carbocation (oxocarbenium) v hydrochloric mountain acting as acid catalyst.

What I average is this following:



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