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It"s been a lengthy time cumin n"A many dope runninHustling tryna evade des casesYou niggas been telling nDa roads been begginSo I had actually to go ago 2 Da basics (Ine)This Da intro to mine lifeThe entre to mine worldRidgecrest Apartments movin dat white gurlPosted up on da cornerMovin documents marijuanaGlock 40 on mine hipHollin the end you don"t desire itMy glock remain cockedRocks n a complement boxHead guarlin on lockImma go getterA nigga raided yo spotConvoskated yo blockAnd that didn"t gain shotYou"s a entirety niggaAnd ns remember you perform you mental me8th grade leavin schoolRockin increase a quarter an essential (dats wats up)T-tops on file ZI was passin yaFish tailin" swerving wit yo bitch ~ above da passenger sideShawty allows rideRims still spinnin for this reason shawty lets glideShe askin me why i don"t gain highCuz bitch ns make 50 off a 3. 5 (n dats wats up)You watch me nigga speak wats upWanna it is in me nigga dats wats upBout yo dollar, pop yo collar den you holla dats wats upSee me shawty speak wats upWanna crap me shawty dats wats increase dats wats upWhat up PoohWhat increase JukWhat increase dramaEh what increase MamaWhat increase haterzWhat increase hustlerzWhat up genuine niggasWhat up busterzWhat increase snitchesLook in ~ dem bitchesWhat increase stunna thanx 4 dem six digits (for sho)What up ballWhat increase GWhat up memphis tenna-fuckin-kee (wats happenin)What up three sixNo friend don"t prefer me (well posesthe ya)What increase Feds desire to indite me (well posesthe ya)What up tvt you cut da check pimpWhat increase cash money its our year slimWhat increase allstarWhat up DenerioWhat increase chatWhat up tryWhat up V slashWhat up ColumbianWhat up MexicansCuz ~ above da genuine yall obtained a nigga ass inYou see me nigga to speak wats upWanna be me nigga dats wats upBout yo dollar, popular music yo collar den you holla dats wats upSee me shawty speak wats upWanna posesthe me shawty dats wats up dats wats upWhat up Rolex watchI paided da brick because that youWhat up grillOn da actual you buy da chicken tooWhat up cracked houseWhat up dope feinsWhat up purple droWhat increase codieanWhat up drought seasonBaby friend da reasonCharge nigga 30 because that birds n excellent it easySo fishscale therefore oil baseWhat increase street tunesWhat increase yung fayWhat up C prollinIt"s a gangsta partyWhat increase tvtYou fuckin wit a gangsta artistWhat increase gripLet"em i ain"t gained to budget plan (nope)Quarter million the end da pocket said promotion fuck itWhat up catch niggasScraping up documents dirty changeWhat up rap niggas this industry a dirty gameRecouped yo advancement take royolties and also publish itPut friend on tv and also leave you the end there wit nuthinNa meanLong time cumin nA many dope run-inHustling tryna dodge des casesYou niggas been informing nDa roads been begginSo I had actually to go earlier 2 Da basicsGotti this yo young Yo GottiIne nigga I claimed its ineYeah N i remember you execute you remember guys I mental you perform you mental meThis yo young Yo GottiIne (yea) bitch