Have you ever before wondered which kind of Werewolf you are? just take this quiz and find out! This is nothing choose those Quileute Indian form of Werewolves thing, therefore remember that. Were means Man, it"s Latin, therefore Werewolves are actually called Manwolves or Lycans if friend prefer.

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There space Red Wolves, eco-friendly Wolves, Blue Wolves, Yellow Wolves, black color Wolves and White Wolves. Take it this quiz and find the end which Werewolf is much more like you! Werewolves are men or females that have been cursed by Satan or Hades for their Sins. Werewolves transform only as soon as in visibility of the full moon.

Created by: Sup9877

What shade would you have actually if you were a Werewolf (Out the the people listed.)? White black color Yellow Blue eco-friendly RedAre you: Calm constantly Depressed Happy & really Hyper embarrassy Athletic v Attitude constantly Angry & AggressiveWhat"s your personality? Quiet, Honest, Loyal, Kind, Courageous, Brave, Clever/Smart, Caring Dark,, tiny Bitter, Emo, Goth, Loyal, Brave, Kind most of the moment Hyper, Spunky/Happy, Energetic, Kind, Generous, Honest, Courageous Calm, Quiet, Caring, Beautiful, Generous, kind Athletic, Muscular, Quick, Sharp, numerous Attitude, Courageous Bitter, Mean, Scary, Destructive, Strong, rapid WIttedWhich facet would friend prefer? Air/Wind, Water/Ice/Snow Darkness light Water/Ice planet FireWhere would you live? Antarctica, Sky, space Cave, Dark Pits, The Underworld Rainbows, Sun, at home Underwater, Antarctica Outdoors, Forest, jungle Savannah, Plains, Desert, Sun, The UnderworldWhat"s your kind of food? Seafood, birds Exotic foods: Intestines, Cow Tongue etc. Mildly Spicy, Fish, birds Seafood! Bugs, small Mammals, Ground animals Hot and also Spicy stuff!Do girlfriend think Werewolves live secretly among us? correct Maybe. Not certain actually. No ns don"t care! No! Pft! Werewolves? are you kidding me?Which Mythical Creature do you like? Werewolves Vampires dragons Phoenixes Mermaids/Mermen ZombiesWhat power would certainly you have? Super speed Mind manage Seeing the Future manage Emotions super Strength death TouchWill girlfriend rate and comment this quiz? Yeah! yes Sure everything Maybe. NoLast question: did you favor this quiz? Yeah! correctly Eh, it was okay. Maybe Sure...whatever. No! It to be horrible!

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Quiz topic: What type Of Werewolf to be I?

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