The assassin is a payment killer. A creature of evil and also chaos that thrives in the pits the depravity scattered throughout the world. Yet some killers are over the consistent calibur.

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Are you a killer with a love of stole or a kid with a human body of feathers. Can you it is in a great assassin, or are YOU similar to all the rest. Discover out her destiny....

Created by: Gareth Chapple

What is her age? Under 18 year Old 18 to 24 year Old 25 to 30 year Old 31 come 40 year Old 41 to 50 years Old 51 to 60 years Old over 60 year OldWhat is her gender? masculine FemaleWhat is the most important human attribute? physical strength psychological strength Creativity communication Observation CunningWhat is your social status? Loner Not famous Average Popular an extremely popularWhich one of the characteristics below describes girlfriend best? intelligent Lovable Unpredictable Quiet loud SillyWhat is her favourite publication from the people below? good Expectations LOTR Trilogy Oxford thesaurus War and peace Percy Jackson What is a book?Are you? stop Adaptive "Last minute" careless SluggishAre girlfriend a twisted person? yes Maybe... No Neck Twisters!!!!Favourite animal? Cat Dog Bat Fish line RatDo you respect the law? correctly Maybe... No What Law?Do you location your trust in...? household Close friends Friends anyone AnimalsDARK OR LIGHT? Dark Neither irradiate

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Quiz topic: What kind of Assassin am I?

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