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"Whatcha acquired There" is a memorable quote indigenous a scene in the American TV series iCarly in which character Spencer Shay misinterprets a question around his recently-purchased ostrich. The screen record of the scene has actually been provided to show misdirection attempts as things label meme.


On February 16th, 2009, iCarly episode "iMeet Fred" aired top top Nickelodeon<1>. In the episode, Spencer Shay buys one ostrich named Marvin and also brings him come his apartment. When challenged by his sister, the interprets her inquiry as if it to be directed in ~ his beverage.

- Whatcha obtained here?- A smoothie.


On august 11th, 2011, FunnyJunk<2> user ghettohunter uploaded a three-panel image containing screen catches of the scene.


On November 6th, 2015, Tumblr<3> user goddessofidiocy uploaded an object-label meme introduce Marvel Cinematic world (shown below, left). The short article gained end 39,000 likes and reblogs in 3 years. On august 22nd, 2017, Tumblr<4> user quackson-klaxon posted a meme referring Spider-Man: Homecoming film (shown below, right). The article gained end 3,700 likes and reblogs within 18 months.


On December 22nd, 2018, Redditor<5> PleaseDontTellMyNan uploaded a labeling meme utilizing the screen record to /r/memes<7> sugreddit (shown below, left). The short article gained over 8,800 upvotes in ~ 48 hours. On December 23rd, Redditor<6> Paraxion uploaded a labeled meme based on the step to /r/2meirl4meirl subreddit (shown below, right). The post gained over 28,900 upvote in 24 hours.

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Following the success of the posts, an ext examples of the meme showed up on /r/dankmemes, /r/historymemes and also other subreddits.



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