The popularity of the AR rifle in its countless variations has actually unlocked American an innovative genius and also produced a plethora of tools that enable users to build, maintain, and reconfigure ARs. The Wheeler design Delta collection Armorer’s Vise has come to be my one indispensable tool. No issue what ns am doing to mine guns, it offers the perfect portable base for every AR tasks.

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Everybody in America v an internet connection and a kitchen table currently believes the they are AR armorers. They may not be far wrong. Eugene Stoner (may his name be praised) design a excellent modular platform the was simple to maintain. The reason there room some 20 million modern sporting rifles across the fruited levels is that Stoner’s weapons are very user friendly.

So, this story started as soon as I purchase a finish upper native a southern Carolina company known primarily for their low prices. Ns know, spoiler alert, this was no a an excellent decision. It shot accurately, however the brass stayed on the bolt and did no eject. I realized that the ejector spring was totally dead. Ns talked to the men at Sprinco and soon had the best chrome silicon stole replacement feather on the planet.

Then, ns realized that, in the Colt AR armorer’s course I took, we talked around this spring, yet we never took it out. It is a small tricky to host just the right press while driving the end a role pin. Foregoing my normal caveman approach, i went ~ above Youtube and also found the answer to my problem. The Wheeler engineering Delta collection Armorer’s Vise. Now, all I had actually to execute was obtain one.


I fixed my gun making use of a proper tool, and also then ns then did another uncharacteristic thing: I read the instructions. Wow. How had actually I lived so long without this?

The incorporated mag-well insert securely locks right into the reduced receiver and adjusts to any angle. Over there is a hammer block to enable you to check fire the create without damaging the lower receiver or your thumb. This is perfect because that assembling lowers and also installing triggers.

The front support is also adjustable, enabling for any type of barrel file or hand-guard configuration. This is an excellent for cleaning and conducting maintenance as soon as the only job-related surface available is a tailgate or range table.

The base is steel with non-slip rubber feet. Feet can be eliminated for permanent bench-top mounting. A pocket in the basic keeps preventive parts and also tools turn off the kitchen floor or the end of the dirt. If I had actually a quarter for every time I lost a component after launching a spring because I didn’t have actually a third hand….

Whether girlfriend are structure an AR, upgrading her trigger, or simply cleaning her rifle, the Delta series Armorer’s Vise gives a very adjustable, solid work platform perfect for the job. I won’t take it an AR to the range without it.

They additionally make a mag block for .308 ARs that can be offered with the Delta series Armorer’s vice or bolted straight to a bench as a stand alone.

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Get the AR Armorers Vise top top Amazon because that well listed below the MSRP the $74.99

 (Photos Courtesy: BTIBrands)

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