The trend of experience butt enhancement surgery strictly because that a noticeably bigger rear end is shedding its steam. Currently there is much more focus ~ above contouring the areas about the buttocks to produce a pleasing and also sensuous silhouette. The Brazilian butt Lift is a revolutionary fat transport procedure that gives patients through a natural-looking, voluptuous derrière utilizing their very own body fat. Dr. Douglas A. offers the Brazilian butt Lift and also other fat transfer methods at his brand-new York City practice, moving safe and also effective body sculpting results to individuals roughly the country.

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Because the gluteal muscle are highly active, many patients who room considering target augmentation worry around what come expect during the restore period. The main comes to are how soon a patient deserve to return to your normal routine and activities as well together whether or not they deserve to sit after their Brazilian butt Lift procedure.

The Brazilian target Lift Procedure

The Brazilian butt Lift is performed making use of autologous fat transfer, a three-step procedure that requires removing undesirable body fat from one or an ext donor sites, purifying the fat, and also injecting it right into the preferred area the augmentation. Liposuction is offered to harvest localized fat native problem areas in the body. The fat is then processed to eliminate impurities and excess fluids. The purified fat is placed in distinct syringes and also then injected into the buttocks in thin, also layers. In order because that the fat to come to be a permanent component of the present buttocks tissue, it should remain undisturbed if it creates its own blood supply.

When come Schedule her Procedure

Patients should consider scheduling your Brazilian butt Lift during the loss or winter for this reason they can recover comfortably and also enjoy their outcomes by the warmer months. The benefits of undergoing this procedure when the weather is cooler are as follows:

Comfortable Recovery: after ~ Brazilian butt Lift surgery, girlfriend will need to wear compression clothes over the areas treated through liposuction and also the buttocks. This compression garments administer support and aid minimize the danger of bruising and also swelling. They have tendency to it is in harder come conceal in summer clothing, and also they can also lead to overheating once worn throughout warmer seasons. Selecting to undergo her Brazilian butt Lift when it’s cooler outside can aid make your recovery feel much more pleasant.Time to Relax: After any kind of surgery, the body needs plenty of rest while the rebuilds tissue and also adjusts come its new form. Scheduling your Brazilian target Lift in the autumn or winter eliminates the temptation to interact in rigorous the end activities. Typically, these months are booked for indoor recreation activities, which is perfect for obtaining the relaxation vital for a smooth recovery.Summer-Ready Results: It deserve to take a couple of months before you notification the last outcome of your Brazilian butt Lift procedure. Not every one of the fat that is offered will survive, and also it takes some time because that residual swelling to subside. Since you will likely want to wear clothes that accentuates your newly intensified bottom in the summer, having actually surgery several months before shorts and also bikini weather ensures the you will certainly be prepared to flaunt.

Sitting during Recovery

After your Brazilian butt Lift surgery, you deserve to sit down on her buttocks to usage the restroom. However, to ensure a healthy recovery and optimal fat grafting success, patients are advised to refrain from sit for prolonged periods of time. As soon as doing stationary activities, such as watching television or functioning on the computer, it is recommended to lie on her stomach or resting on the front of her hip. This is also applicable throughout sleep. Patients need to avoid putting direct pressure on the buttocks because that at the very least two weeks following surgery to enable the transferred fat to build a healthy and balanced blood supply.


What come Do when You need to Sit

Sometimes sitting after surgical procedure is unavoidable, therefore there are some procedures you deserve to take to minimize the hazard of disrupting the fat grafting process. Place a rectangle-shaped or cylindrical pillow top top the upper thighs and also below the buttocks can help keep pressure off the buttocks itself. However, that is best to avoid sitting at every for at least two weeks. A pillow need to be provided for any sitting activities, including driving, for 4 weeks or till cleared by your surgeon.

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For an ext information about Brazilian butt Lift recovery or to schedule your consultation v Dr. Douglas A., please speak to 212.772.2100.