Many human being love spring since it way longer days, warmer weather, and the end of a dreary winter. Except whenever you go outdoors, you start sneezing like crazy. Not only that, but your eyes get red and watery, your sleep is runny, and also you feel favor you can barely breathe.

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For plenty of people, this is the fact of springtime. All those bloomed plants and flowers average pollen counts are specifically high. If you’re in the Charlotte, phibìc Carolina area, it may feel choose pollen season will never ever end. After all, it’s practically Memorial Day, the unofficial begin of summer, however you can’t shake your sneezing and also congestion. What gives? enable us to describe everything you must know around pollen season.

What Is a Pollen Allergy and also What space Its Symptoms?

A pollen allergy may incorporate reactions to weed, grass, and tree pollens. No issue which type of pollen gives you the sniffles, it’s frequently powder-like and also yellow in color. Plants and flowers require pollen come grow and thrive, and it have the right to be happen along v animals, insects, and also the wind, even if it is knowingly or unknowingly.

The most common form of pollen allergy is ragweed, additionally known as weed pollen. At least 23 million people in the joined States have actually a ragweed allergy. Ragweed is a plant through multiple species. In fact, according to the American college of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (ACAAI), in the us alone, you’ll discover 17 different species of the plant.

With a pollen allergy, you should anticipate symptoms like wheezing, scratchy or itchy eyes and throat, watery eyes, a runny and leaking nose, congestion in the face and also throat, and also sneezing. This symptoms are almost identical to those that a ragweed allergy. With that allergy, girlfriend may also have to compete with irritated eyes and also headaches in addition to the over symptoms.

Pollen allergy symptoms will certainly not typically start until you are in an setting where the pollen counts are high. If you currently have asthma, you must be extra careful. Lingering in pollen-heavy environments can bring about wheezing and coughing.

When go Pollen Season commonly Start and also End?

In countless cases, there is a season in which pollen counts are highest. These periods vary depending upon the kind of pollen we’re talking about. Because that ragweed pollen, for example, the ACAAI states ragweed starts farming in August and may not protect against until November. For grass pollen, you’re more likely to it is in symptomatic later on in the season, from may to July, i beg your pardon is technically summertime. Tree pollen has tendency to be at its worst from March until the middle of May.

When will Pollen Season end in the Charlotte Area?

It is worth noting the pollen season start and also end dates can fluctuate depending upon where friend live. The climate and weather conditions play a significant role in pollen levels and when plants sprout and also grow.In Charlotte specifically, you’ll see the distinctions from the pollen allergy season us outlined in the over section, with basic seasons including:

Ragweed, i beg your pardon sprouts up in August and also lasts until the very first frost. That might be in November or also later, because Charlotte is frequently warm. The most intense that the ragweed season is in September.Grass pollen season, i m sorry starts in the center of spring, so at some time in April or May. It frequently ends in September. The highest possible counts of grass allergies room in may through August, therefore the summertime.Tree allergy season, which if generally from March until June. April is typically when symptoms might ramp up most.

In the next section, we’ll go into more detail on each form of pollen, the seasons, and considerations allergy sufferers need to keep in mind.


Types the Pollen in Charlotte and also Their Seasons

In the Charlotte area, there room three common types of pollen the will impact you during the pollen season, causing various allergy symptoms: weed pollen, grass pollen, and tree pollen.


Weed pollen many affects allergy sufferers native August with November or December.

Of every the weed pollens, the best-known one is ragweed – as confirmed by the high variety of ragweed allergies disputed earlier. Common throughout the midwestern and also eastern joined States and also other components of the country, ragweed pollen does commonly have a quick season. However, for each ragweed plant, a billion grains of pollen can be produced. That means ragweed has actually a lasting result long ~ the plant is gone.

Rural components of Charlotte are most susceptible come ragweed, together this is whereby the tree grows most. That said, in atmospheric conditions, ragweed can travel up to 400 miles.

If you have been diagnosed v a ragweed allergy, it’s crucial to limit your outdoor time during ragweed season, especially between 10 a.m. Come 3 p.m. ~ above days as soon as it’s no raining. Stay away from fields, vacant lots, riverbanks, roadsides, about farms, and on turf grasses, as ragweed might propagate below as well.


Grass pollen frequently affects allergy sufferers native April through September.

In Charlotte, there space several primary grass types: Bermuda grass in ~ 15 percent, high fescue grass in ~ 80 percent, and five percent of a mix of centipede, ryegrass, Kentucky bluegrass, and also zoysia grasses.

While any of the over grasses can cause allergy symptoms, through tall fescue grass, friend may have actually a lesser price of allergies. This is because of how these plants create pollen, together they have actually to thrive to at the very least 12 inches prior to they produce allergen-causing pollen in coherent amounts. That can give you a longer period of relief.

Like ragweed pollens Grass pollens historically first appear in Charlotte in March, spiking in April and also May. The pollen counts climate recede for the summer and drop also further by September and also October.


Tree pollen commonly affects allergy sufferers from March through June.

The structure of tree pollen is different from various other pollen varieties in the it’s fairly fine. Due to the fact that it weighs less, that can regularly travel farther.

There are specific tree species that might produce much more pollen that cause your allergy symptoms. In north Carolina, this trees include:

River birchAmerican beechHickoryOakYellow poplar

Other varieties of typical North Carolina trees the may reason allergies include:

MagnoliaCrepe myrtleBradford pearLeyland cypressSweetgumRed mapleLoblolly pine

Willow, pecan, mulberry, elm, cottonwood, cedar, aspen, and ash trees may additionally contribute to greater allergy rates, although this trees room less usual in Charlotte.

How to protect against Pollen until the Season Is Over

Whether it’s ragweed, grass, or tree pollens that cause your symptoms, just how do friend safeguard you yourself from allergy strikes this spring and also summer? There are several means you have the right to go about it.

The first way is to store track that the pollen count. CAAC has the only official pollen counter for our area. Our trained staff daily identifies details pollens in the air and also it is posted on our website. Understanding your certain allergy triggers and also comparing them to the daily pollen count can assist you arrangement your day.

See today’s pollen counts.

To be on the for sure side, you might want to limit your outdoor activities on job with greater pollen counts. Otherwise, you’re risking exacerbating your symptoms. If you absolutely must go outside, then watch an allergist before pollen counts gain too high in Charlotte. This way, you can gain the medicine you have to prevent or law symptoms together they occur.

You should likewise be smart about what times you walk outside. Pollen will start falling and spreading in the air at some time at 5 a.m. To around 10 a.m. Going outside in the morning (again, if friend can assist it) is most likely not in ~ your finest interest. Arrangement outdoor activities for later in the afternoon or even early in the evening. It tends to continue to be lighter longer in the summer, for this reason you can still enjoy fun in the sun.

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Find much better Ways to handle Spring and Summer Allergies v Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center

If you desire to take charge of your allergies this spring and summer, think about visiting Carolina Asthma & Allergy Center. We have a dozen offices across Charlotte and beyond. We administer care for all kinds that allergies, not simply pollen. Other conditions you deserve to receive treatment for space latex insensitivities, allergy skin disorders, sinus disease, insect allergies, drug allergies, food allergies, allergy rhinitis, and anaphylaxis. If friend need much more information or want to collection up one appointment, contact us at Carolina Asthma & Allergy facility today.