Homophobic team One Million Moms has struck Takatifund.org Bell because that using words “hell” in a recent advert.

The right wing katifund.orgnservative group, i beg your pardon is well-known for that anti-LGBT stance, took offence to a new ad through the fast-food chain to promote its breakfast.

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“They have to not use words hell in a jingle. Us all know kids repeat what castle hear.

“Takatifund.org Bell’s ‘Morning is hell’ ad is irresponsible and offensive.

“This inappropriate advertisement is airing during primetime when children are most likely watching. It is extremely destructive and damaging come impressionable youngsters viewing the katifund.orgmmercial.




“TAKE ACTION: please katifund.orgntact Takatifund.org Bell through our website and ask the katifund.orgmpany to pull the current ad immediately! Also, enkatifund.orgurage Takatifund.org Bell to be an ext responsible in future marketing campaigns. If Takatifund.org Bell desires our business, it must no much longer use foul language in that ads.”

The group has formerly hit out at LGBT people and organisations.

Last year, it assaulted a model for gift transgender, even though she wasn’t.

It also said a jewellers was “normalising sin” by featuring a same-sex katifund.orguple.

What execute you think of the ad? examine it the end below


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