… If I had actually a dollar because that each time ns heard that inquiry escape one of my countless female friends’ lips, I’d be a very rich mrs today. We’re all living in the daring new world the 21st century contemporary dating and each communication with anyone native the opposite sex seems favor this sophisticated art of seduction. The seduction game is so intricate that i don’t also think we’ve regulated to come up through an apt sufficient hashtag for it! and also that is really speak something.

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But seriously, where have every the good guys gone? have actually none of them controlled to return from that Facebook event that was hosting ‘International take A Boob Day’ on may 3 (I’m no making this up!) or is the legend around the witch that eats up every the an excellent men, in fact, true? Sigh.

The good part around this inquiry – where have actually all the an excellent guys gone? – is that it doesn’t assume that males were always bad. That operates ~ above the belief that we did live in the people which to be filled with good guys and now, for part strange reason, they’ve all disappeared. This has actually nothing to execute with the reality that women all over have obtained really cynical (and at the same time, delusional!) about the idea of love *nods hysterically*.

So ladies, right here I am, letting you in on the secret that’ll readjust your life! Where have all the great guys gone, you ask? Well, nowhere! over there I said it. Here’s what you need to do in your pursuit of a an excellent guy:

1. Placed Yourself the end There

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The very first step in the direction of finding the right guy is not in search of him. Confused? nothing be. The thing is that you can’t go on in life obsessing around wanting a partner. What you can do is going the end there and also having a an excellent time. Placed yourself the end there and you’d be surprised you yourself by just how much you need to offer!

2. Don’t Be Afraid


I recognize I know! We’ve every been brought up to think that it is the man’s duty to make the very first move. Yet times have actually changed, girl! nothing be afraid to take it the an initial step towards something girlfriend think will give you happiness. Make eye contact, ask for his number, take it him out… yes sir nothing he have the right to do the you can’t.

3. Trust The Universe


And i can’t say this enough! it is in confident, laugh more, go on fun dates, flirt fabulously and then sit ago and let the Universe do its thing.

4. Meet new People


Get her friends to make you fulfill their friends. The is a small world, ~ all. Chat up the cute guy you’ve been eyeing at the gym. Star a conversation v the man from job-related who always sits at the following table because that lunch. It’s only when you meet new people will you realize the “type” of human you want to it is in around.

5. Online Dating


The civilization of digital dating opens up up a whole brand-new arena the opportunities and people! If you, choose me, room glued to your phone for many parts the the day and also could have actually a level in cyber stalking if it were legit, digital dating is for you. There are so many apps obtainable for the now and also one certain dating app that we’re currently crushing ~ above is important Madly. Ns think it provides dating cool in a way that the is no designed for arbitrarily hook ups and simply matches you come a bunch of verified singles. You have the right to then select to chat with folks you think are right for you. Simple. :)

Pro Tip: Trust your instinct! i think not enough is said about the need for females to not give up. If he’s no the best fit, nothing stick around.


It really is the simple! Go out there, filter out the creeps, reap the attention, have actually a meaningful conversation, nothing forget to have fun if you’re in ~ it – and you never know, maybe one of those plenty of “good guys” is destined to be your soulmate.

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