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Alfred Mcintosh from Santa Rosa New Mexico One of my favorite songs of all time.Paula from Lufkin TxIt was 1988 or 89 when i worked in the nursing home where Jay Frank Wilson was, I got a completely different story. I was told he wrote the song and the wreck killed the love of his life and he jumped from a building trying to commit suicide and had a plate in his head. I would get cussed from him often he would call me a n-blabk bish and I am white, the only way you could get him quiet was to use his smokes. His Mom visited him often and I remember a gold record on the wall.Christopher from Panama CityI heard a version of this song once where a female sang a last verse. Does anyone know who did that version? I cannot find it anywhere. Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn March 6th 1965, J. Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers performed "Last Kiss" and "Hey Little One" on the ABC-TV program "American Bandstand"...{See next post below}.Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn August 30th 1964, "Last Kiss" by J. Frank Wilson & the Cavaliers entered Billboard"s Hot Top 100 chart at position #73; and on November 1st, 1964 it peaked at #2 {for 1 week} and spent 15 weeks on the Top 100 {and for 8 of those 15 weeks it was on the Top 10}...The week it was at #2 on the Top 100, the #1 record for that week was "Baby Love" by the Supremes...The group had one other Top 100 record, "Hey Little One", it stayed on the chart for two weeks, peaking at #85..."Last Kiss" re-entered the Top 100 on December 16th, 1973; it peaked at #92 and spent 5 weeks on the chart...As stated above in 1973 the group Wednesday, aka Wenzday, covered the song, in the U.S.A. their version peaked at #34 and stayed on the Top 100 for 18 weeks...Sadly, J. Frank Wilson passed away on October 4th, 1991 at the young age of 49.Gus from Ocala, FlI would like to know the names of the cavaliers in a picture used for the cover of Last Kiss. I know Snake is in the middle and Mike Hodges is on the far right, can anyone help? I also trying to get in touch with Mike "Duck" or Roland "Snake" from the band. I used to be a member during the recording of Last Kiss but quit shortly after the release of it.Coy from Palestine, TxThe song was definitely NOT about Clark and Hancock since it was written by Cochran and his band almost a year earlier than the accident, in 1961. The original record by Cochran didn"t list the co-writers and Cochran took credit for writing the entire song. J. Frank Wilson also didn"t retire from music and "work for a nursing home". He was cheated out of all the money the record brought in by his label and manager. He became an alcoholic because of the business and he suffered from pain from a car wreck. Wilson died in a Nursing Home at the age of 49.Robert from Minneapolis, MnI got the address from a lady friend of mine of some guy that sent me the original on a CD. I can"t remember his name but he knew all the facts that is spoken about in this article. I have always liked old sad songs like this one and to name a few Patches and Laurie by Dickie Lee, Running Bear , Apache, Mr. Jones also about a car accident in which an old black man takes a white baby from the dying arms of his mother and raises the boy per her last request.Phoenixzero from Midland, MiThis song was originally written and recorded in 1961, over a year before Jeannette Clark"s death.Phil from Geneva, NyMy name is Phil Trunzo. I was the Bass Player that was picked up in Rochester,NY by Sonley Rousch. The band was one of the toughest bands I had ever worked with. We were traveling a different state every day and working every night. I was in the vehicle in which Sonley was killed. We just left Parksburg West Virgina heading to Lima when the accident happened. I know the real story about this group and how the accident happened. I was there. email me if you want to know more.ptrunzo1
rochester.rr.comCaterina from Waterford, MiThe artist is Buddy Holly originally.Diana from Three Rivers, MiHello,My grandson and I are in a bet of who did this song, I say J Frank Wilson and he says Del shannon. Would you please tell us who did this orginally. Thank You Diana JenkinsMolli from Dacono, CoI love this song. When my two sisters and I were 9, 8, and 7 and this song came on the radio we would put pillows in front of my moms stereo and listen to the song and cry. MA Kroll Denver, CoJamie from Bedford, KyIlove this songgg! They played it at my dads funeral. (:Its a really god song to.-Jamie Cotto, 14.Debbie from Wichita, Ksi was young when this song came out. But i have loved in from the start. JUST LISTEN TO THE WORDS. They say alot!!debbie, wichita, KansasGene from Ft. Worth, TxI don"t care what anybody says - this is the BEST song ever recorded - I have loved this song for over forty years and always will til the day I die and I hope they play it at my funeral !!!Jennifer Harris from Grand Blanc, MiI didn"t know this was based on a true story,and it happened before Christmas.Rodney from New York, NyI heard a cool spanish version of this song, El ultimo beso, by some peruvian group known as The Doltons (of the 70s), gee, they really did a good translation, lyrics and music matched, they really rocked the song dude.Penelope from Geeveston , AzHey i absoulutely love this song... It reminds me of me and my brother, because we used to go rallying in my brother"s car put the bush and we used to crash the car all the time and i was always put in hospital.. Once i was put in hospital and the last thing my brother gave me was a hug and kiss before we got in the car and we were going 180km in the car and we crashed and i was stuck in the car and my brother had to ring the ambulance and they came and the car caught a light as soon as i was but i was unconcious and i was in a coma for 6 months and everyone thought i wasn"t going to make it but luckily i did... Michael from Cincinnati, OhMy name is Mike Hodges and I was the keyboard player with the Cavaliers during the period that Last Kiss was recorded and popular.My main purpose in commenting is that I hope to locate the guitar player from the old Cavaliers band.I went into the marine corps May of 1966 and have not had any contact since then.The last info I have is that he and his folks moved to either Memphis or Nashville when I was in the marine corps 1966-1969.If anyone knows where he is,or better yet,how I can contact him I would surely appreciate e-mail address is michaelmusic2001, assist me in finding a singer, you will receive royalty or you can help invest in making a demo. More songs and poems available by request via e-mail. I give all credit to God for this blessing who I asked to help me come up with this gift according to His Will for people who relate to drugs & missing babies after they get caught committing a crime or sin. Sid from San Angelo, TxYou need to get the facts before you post. Go to clicking on Honor Roll then click on J. Frank then The Cavaliers (underlined)for the complete facts. Once you do this you will see how far off base you are. Thanks, SidAj from Cleveland, GaI thought it was called "When I Leave This World" ????Fred from Summit, NeJ. Frank Wilson record at least 2 separate versions of the song. Originally the song was issued on LeCam Records, followed by Tamara Records, and then Josie Records where the Hit was borne. The Tamara issue was different from the Josie recording, however I"m not sure if the LeCam issue was the same as the Tamara issue.see more comments
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