The LA based trio, LANY, has actually been breaking out the big guns to show us all that summer time is year round through their sound. If girlfriend haven’t heard of them yet, you will, and also they’ll soon come to be your brand-new favorite band. The band is comprised of Paul Klein, Les Priest and also Jake Goss, and also they were influenced by the big cities that LA and new York for their name. They’ve been working hard and recently released your latest single titled “Where the Hell room my Friends,” and also it’s together a feel an excellent tune ns can’t seem to obtain out of my head. Before the release of “Where the Hell space my Friends,” LANY gave us 2 EPs in 2015, in which your hit “ILYSB” was featured in one. Due to the fact that then, “ILYSB” has actually been played end 80 million time on Spotify.

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Initially, once I listened to “Where the Hell space my Friends” for the first time, LANY reminded me of a baby version of The 1975, i m sorry is large because the 1975 had actually such a good response from the general public eye. Ns wouldn’t be surprised if LANY came to be 2016’s new breakout band. Your sound is really alt-pop electronic, but with this specific track, I can hear a fun 80’s influence. Once providing the track a closer listen, I uncovered myself laughing along with the lyrics due to the fact that they’re so accurate! their lyrics scream “relatable” come every 20-something-year-old together we all challenge the tragic thought that FOMO occasionally wherever we space in this world. The are afraid of absent out is a global thing. Command vocalist, Paul Klein, belts out “Where the hell room my friends,” groaning over having actually no one on a Friday night, pondering if he hates California and also why he’s tho in this city, yet simultaneously that still loves LA so much. I can resonate v that in a way. For every one of you creatives slaving far in your craft, coming to LA is favor a yellow mine. It’s simply as magical as Klein provides it out to it is in in this song.

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LANY is a three male band, in which the takes only three of castle to carry out all the work. Lock produced and also put out every one of their work from their very own home, i beg your pardon is such an impressive feat together they sound remarkable without added help from a substantial crew.

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“We’ll record things using a $2 app if that’s what to hand. That’s how we roll,” states Klein. In ~ this rate, there’s no informing what they have up their sleeves next, but whatever it is–it’s gained high expectations. If you’re fall in love through their summer-filled sound, examine them the end on SoundCloud and also Spotify!


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