Sorry that i missed Error and also Cherry. This quiz to be for fun, nothing significant really. You deserve to comment i m sorry one you got. I"m interested in the one friend got. :)

I hope it isn"t come bad, that is my an initial one ~ all. Girlfriend can obtain Fell, Cross, Dust, Nightmare, Killer or Horror. (Horror is mine favorite negative sans....)

developed by: Under_ScoreSans

Do you like gore? yes or No? Yes!! No... ..Maybe...

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If you might dust among the Star Sanses. Which one would it be? Ink!Sans Dream!Sans BlueBerry!SansWould you prefer to pets one? If so, which would you pet? ;-; fear Killer Nightmare Dust cross FellWhich is more important? L.O.V.E Or genuine Love..? L.O.V.E real love...Which would you rather eat? Head Dog Raw flesh Apples The Souls of The Innocent... Cacao Mustard (Straight the end of the bottle)Do you prefer m u r d e r. . . ? aH yes (really? no, it"s simply for this quiz-) NO, girlfriend PSYCHOPATH! (then why room you here ;-;) Why space you asking...?Would you friendly slap one? (I dunno this sound harsh..) Yes, just because I dunno this concern makes no sense- Uhm... Maybe..?Do friend like any kind of of them? Yes, dUh- Nah, I"m simply doing this for funny I-I"m law this . . . For a friend. . .Are you sure you like any kind of of them..? I stated yEs critical time bish- now I"m beginning to doubt ;-; why you so typical T^TOkay last question. Would you take care of your dog- I average sans well? (Make sure hugs are contained even if castle say their fine) Course ns would! Yeah, man... *starts hugging every the bad sanses*

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