Go into the room and click on the lightswitch at the edge of the display on the appropriate.

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Take the box cutter from the pencil holder and also usage it to untie her auntie.

Use the doctor gown and put it on her auntie.

Option 1: Who tied you

Option 2: Parents

Option 3: Fortune Seeker

Off the light as soon as Kim Seo grab Sunny.

Cut the curtain for rope. Open the cupboard and also take the T-shirt.

Use the rope on the metal pipe.

Combine the t-shirt through the rope.

Head out to residence 1-3 to the earlier door.

Take the key from the freduced pot and also open the cage.

Use the crowbar on the point in front of the white mice and also open the key basement.

Passcode -Listen to the sound of the beeps

If still unable to guess,

Here’s the answer:






In the research lab lobby,

Things to take:

MapAdhesive tape

Head left left room - Gym

Things to take

Cycling partsHandle

Back to the previous room, usage the wrench on the gear about the door and put the cycling components. Next off, use the card to open the door.

Go into and head to the left.


The experiment reportMice

Door on the left

Things to take:


Door in front

Things to take:

Empty tape recorder

Head back to the room via a big glass in front. Use the lighter on the soldering of the nails of the vents above and also then the wrench.

Use the vents to cross and take the screwdriver on the door. Use the card to aid Min Hyeok in.

Things to take:

Empty Vial
Alcohol Lamp

Head to the room on the left. Use the lighter on the censor.

Take the H3PO4 that floats up the sinks.

Head earlier to where Min Hyeok have fainted at and take the hand also cuff.

Next off go to the following new room. (The front door of the empty vials)

Go to the left room. Use the box cutter to cut the teddy bear and use it to break the piggy bank. Take the coins and head ago to the room with the empty vials.

Use the coins on the solution in the sink. A blue solution will certainly appear. Use the empty vial to collect it. Copper sulfate will be obtained.

Head to the following room and also open up the door through the bars. Use the copper Sulfate and H3PO4 on the bar.

Go to the next room.

Things you have the right to observe:

Picture and also experiment report

Room on the left

Things to take:

Recording tape

Burnt room

Things to take

on the ceiling at the light (Use the umbrella to assist attain it)

Room in front

Use the screw driver on the toy. Wire will be obtained. Next off, usage the adhesive tape on the wire.

Combine the wire with the empty tape recorder and put the tape and battery in.

Head earlier to the room which need a voice to open the door in the front. Use the tape recorder.

You will acquire remote control next.

Click on the suspicious bookcase. On the books via fortune seeker symbol.

Here’s the puzzle~

Click on the left optimal corner then the best optimal corner, bottom appropriate corner, bottom left edge then lastly the middle.

Secret door open~

Take the usemuch less lamp and also usage the alcohol lamp on it. Click on the door which is locked.

Head to Sunny’s room. (The one with teddy bear) Click on the locked drawer.

Go back to the cave. You’ll finish up in the village head’s room. In the basement, use the wrench to open up the panel.

Anvarious other puzzle~ Clue is alice in wonderland.

Head upstairs and click the book shelf.

The answer is 352 807.

When the safe is opened up, take the recording tape and string. Use the string and make the explosive.

Use the explosive and blow up the rocks that is blocking the window leave. Take the lighter to light the explosive.

Talk to Min Hyeok.

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Once the door is open up, pick up the pulley on the ground and the shovel handle. Use the pulley on the well and also host on to the finish of the rope.