just like all personalities in the Indie smash fight Undertale, there room lots of small details to learn around Alphys.

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Undertale is, obviously, a vibe. This indie hit has a reputation for depiction of all varieties who feel forced into the underground of society. Undertale builds social communication into its gameplay, and although curiosity will drive many a player to try their hand at a Genocide run, Undertale"s blog post is clear in that prioritization the kindness and forgiveness. Return it has its charismatic heroes, this game also makes a instance for the tiny guy, for the tenderness souls, for eccentrics and also oddballs.

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Alphys is just one of those oddballs. Undertale renders it basic for players to identify with Alphys, despite, or maybe because of, her flaws. Like most humans, she makes many mistakes, some with destructive consequences, and her reaction come those mistake is come shut herself turn off from the human being who care around her the most.

despite this, the mix of her shyness and also passion renders her a deep endearing character. Whether the player knows an Alphys or is one Alphys themselves, it is precious Sparing a minute (pun intended) to learn much more about her.

Bratty and Catty talking around Alphys in Undertale
before Alphys was the imperial Scientist that the Underground, she live on the very same street as Bratty and Catty and also the 3 monsters were tight. Alphys would take them on trips come the recording to display them the cool points she would collect there.

Bratty and also Catty believed of Alphys like a large sister, and also given the she inadvertently aided them set up their dumpster diving business, she certainly played a mentoring role to these 2 besties. But by the moment the player meets Bratty and also Catty, they cite that they, prefer everyone else, haven"t seen much of Alphys because she became the imperial Scientist.

Alphys and Mettaton in the quiz display in Undertale
there are several monsters in the secret who point out the existence of alternate universes and also timelines, many notably the fan-favorite character Sans, and also the mysterious W.D. Gaster and also his equally elusive followers.

It should come together no surprised that Alphys complies with this trend among scientific monsters. Upon an initial meeting Alphys, Mettaton shows up and also begins to quiz the player; among his inquiries is "who does Alphys have a like on?" If the player answers the they do not know, Mettaton will certainly respond the this is correct, together Alphys has actually a to like on one unknowable being that does no exist. Alphys responds come this burn through protesting that this unmet being can exist in an alternate timeline, where, follow to her research, she might have the ability to meet them.

Frisk reads Mettaton
Mettaton is critical figure in Alphys" life for plenty of reasons, many obviously due to the fact that she builds him his bodies. But their connection doesn"t have actually the creator-creation power dynamic in ~ all. This may be since they to be friends prior to Mettaton was ever before a show-bot.

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Mettaton was formerly a ghost with large dreams of being a TV star because that humans. As a ghost, he formed a fan club because that humans and became friends through the just other monster in the underground to sign up with it: anime-loving Alphys.

Alphys in she polka dot dress in Undertale
Alphys is woman in the game and also a good example that both a high-ranking woman scientist and a queer icon in gaming. Yet according come a publication of Undertale ide art, Alphys was initially designed to it is in male.

Creator Toby Fox did not prefer the idea the the male Alphys and added some eyelashes come her design (plus her fantastic polka-dot dress) transforming her into the variation of Alphys that players know and love.

transparent the game, the player deserve to go on days with a couple of of the monsters. Alphys is just one of them. If on the date, the player duty plays v Alphys, pretending that she"s speak to one more fascinating character, Undyne, instead.

Alphys will claim that she has excellent dating and also kissing skills, based upon her experience with dating video games. A character describing she simulated date experiences while role-playing a conversation during a simulated dating sequence within a role-playing video clip game is a level that meta the is quintessentially Undertale.

If the player talks to Bratty and also Catty behind the MTT Resort, they can find out every sorts of amazing tidbits around Alphys. Her former friends have actually no compunction around spilling the details of she one-sided love life. They cite that Alphys believed Asgore to be a "super cutie."

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They also mention the Alphys may have made Mettaton simply to impress Asgore, although there are countless other factors for Mettaton"s inception that B&C can not be aware of. Still, Alphys"s claimed creation of Mettaton"s heart was really interesting come Asgore, or together Catty puts it: "SUPER pertinent to his hobbies."

Toby Fox is as adept a game composer as he is a game designer and programmer. Undertale is complete of Easter eggs and inside jokes, and also that includes the music he composed. Like plenty of other character-driven games, Undertale is full of leitmotifs: a musical layout or tidbit that sonically to represent a character.

Toby Fox provides a remixed item of Alphys"s theme track as a leitmotif throughout a portion of the track that plays in the player"s final battle with Undyne. Alphys" quirky and also gentle motif showing up in the center of Battle against A True Hero serves to highlight your close romantic relationship.

Alphys functioned in a mystery lab that the player can gain accessibility to so late in the game. In this lab are memos describing she experiments v infusing monsters through Determination mined from human souls. The player additionally encounters the outcomes of those experiments: the Amalgamates, monsters the were melted together as a result of too lot Determination.

If the player endeavors farther into the lab, they discover a room filled v yellow flowers, and also memos introduce to "vessels." Eventually, they will find memos detailing Alphys" usage of a golden flower in Asgore"s room together her chosen vessel because that Determination, after i m sorry the flower disappears. Provided what the player knows around Asriel"s past, that flower is plainly Flowey.

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before Alphys to be appointed imperial Scientist, the function was carry out by W.D. Gaster, a character that has, mostly, disappeared by the time the events of the game take place. The place remained vacant for some time prior to Alphys was given the job.

while Alphys is clearly a dedicated, intelligent, and inventive scientist, she was offered the royal Scientist task under false pretenses. She said Asgore the she had created a robot through a spirit - Mettaton. In fact, she only created the robot. Mettaton"s soul was in reality a ghost who bonded through the robot human body to end up being corporeal.

when traveling v Snowdin, Papyrus, arguably among the best characters that the game, will certainly test Frisk by having actually the player complete a collection of puzzles when walking throughout the snow. He at some point offers the player a puzzle through colored panels on the ground, and also a collection of insanely facility instructions to monitor in bespeak to pass through.

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The puzzle malfunctions so that the player have the right to walk through without any effort, and also if the player look at closely, a box that look at suspiciously like Mettaton is stationed in the edge of the puzzle screen. The robot and also its malfunction are two clues that Alphys was in reality responsible because that this puzzle"s design.