I am having actually an issue that ns can"t number out for weeks now. Over there is a website that our employees usage for your clients. Homepage and every single page works fine. And also then there is one page that returns an error that just says "Whoops, something went wrong." i don"t watch anything on the firewall that would certainly be blocking it. Tried 4 various browsers, clearing cookies, cache and everything else. When I check it, I execute see 500 error. 


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Jimmy T.

Is this a site a seller manages? Perhaps acquire with your support and let lock know. That sounds favor it"s an issue on your end, perhaps a damaged link.



Yup, this absolutely sounds like a difficulty with the page, itself, and not a firewall issue. Most interwebs 404 errors are hardly ever that casual/friendly and if you"re acquiring a 500 error together well, that"s absolutely the server saying something"s wrong. Most most likely a attach or front to that page is busted in ~ the config level - maybe the surname of the record got changed somewhere along the line? 

Sorry, left the end the reality that this web page works exterior our network i beg your pardon I discover bizarre. The site"s support is saying everything is an excellent on their end.

spicehead-4vpgc wrote:

Sorry, left the end the fact that this page works external our network i m sorry I uncover bizarre. The site"s assistance is saying everything is great on your end.

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Then the problem is distinct to your intranet and also now we understand it"s virtually definitely a server-side error. That"s at least something. However, it can still be any variety of things leading to the issue. Does the page require a certain port come access, as countless do? If so, is whatever forwarder collection up v the exactly porting? Is the web page HTTPS only? Is IIS/Apache/Whatever ~ above the hosting server set up to forward to the port, specifically? Example: I have a page that is only accessible on one odd port; say, 8395. If my internet browser is in search of the default HTTPS harbor of 443 and if the server isn"t collection up to forward 443 to 8395, my browser will never uncover it unless I manually specify that port in the address.