These concerns can be brought about by your video clip card outputting an excess of 60 frames every second, havingmods, or your computer"s video clip card motorists being out of day which canresult in the game moving too rapid or also slow.

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Setting her Refresh Rate

These varieties of concerns can additionally occur if the game/launcher incorrectly detects monitors the are collection to update rates above 120Hz as being collection to 120Hz.

In general, you are advised to save the game"s default settings and also continue to play the video game with a 60fps cap. The fps cap the the video game uses is established by the her monitor refresh rate (typically 60Hz or 120Hz), and also dividing the by the "iPresentInterval" value.Please keep in mind that if her monitor is collection to 60Hz, the iPresentInterval worth in her .INI record should it is in "1", and also if her monitor is collection to 120Hz, the iPresentInterval value should be "2". Setup it to "0" uncaps the framerate and can reason the worries mentioned above. If your monitor is set to a value larger than 120Hz (such as 144Hz), we adviseyou come setyour desktop refresh price to 120Hz instead, when playing the game.

Here are the measures for changing your update rate.

Right click your Desktop.Click on display Settings.Click on screen Adapter properties.On the monitor tab, go to the Refresh price field.Select 60 Hz native the drop under list.Click Apply. You will certainly be prompted to "Keep Changes" or "Revert." choose "Keep Changes."SelectOK


Remove Mods:

Custom mods can in some instances cause in-game performance issues. We recommend disabling or removing any kind of installed mods and trying again.If you space not able to launch the game, take it your mechanism offline and also remove the mode from your pack order

To delete a mod, open Fallout 4 and select mode from the key menu. Indigenous there, uncover the mode you great to delete in her Library, choose it, and use the Delete option.

UpdateGraphicsCard DriversIf your maker meets the game"s requirements, we recommend you also ensure that you have the latest motorists for her graphics card installed. Girlfriend can uncover drivers because that supported video cards here:

NVIDIA - - us recommend friend manually download the latest motorists from the over sites and also ensure her previous drivers are completely deleted before updating.

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Additional TroubleshootingIn addition, there space a couple of troubleshooting measures you can shot to resolve problems related to crashes:

If you have edited her game"s .INI file, gain back it come it"s default state. Many problems can be traced to alteration of the game"s .INI file.Delete your game"s .INI files by navigating toC:\Users\\Documents\my games\Fallout4(default location) and also removing the following records to reset all game settings:Fallout4.iniFallout4Custom.iniFallout4Prefs.iniChange your display screen mode to run in Borderless Windowed Mode.To execute so indigenous the fallout 4 launcher, click Options, then check the Windowed Mode and also Borderless checkboxes in ~ the bottom.