Find out what is a Discord tag, its use, how to change your Discord tag and all you need to know about it in the below blog.

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Where is my tag and how do I check it?

As mentioned, the tag is placed right after the Discord username, separated by a hash (#).

To check your tag on the desktop app, login and check the bottom left of the screen, beside the text box. Your Discord tag will be shown, with the username at the top and the #discriminator at the bottom. As shown in the screenshot below, the discriminator #8489 is shown below the username, ‘katifund.orgTools’.


If you’re wondering how to check your Discord tag on the mobile app, open the app, press on the menu button at the top left of the screen and then press on the Discord logo on the bottom right. Your username#discriminator tag combo will be shown at the top.


Custom tags

Discord allows you to customize your tag if you have a Discord Nitro or Discord Nitro Classic subscription, or are a Discord partner, provided it’s available.

Discord partners are users who have large followings. Owners of Reddit communities with 8000+ members, content creators with 10,000+ subscribers/ followers, non-profit organizations and large gaming communities qualify for the Discord partnership programme. If you qualify, you can apply on the Discord partner page.

If you want to change your tag, but don’t have a Nitro subscription, or are not a Discord partner, you’d need to use a bot. This however, doesn’t let you get a custom tag, and you’d be assigned a random one.

How to change your Discord tag?

If you have a Nitro subscription, or are a Discord partner and want to change your tag, then

Log in to Discord, and go to ‘User Settings’ (click on the gear icon beside your username).Under ‘My Account’, press the ‘Edit’ button shown beside your username.
Here, edit the tag to any other 4-digit number you wish to set. Enter your current Discord password to verify.Press ‘Done.’

If you are a Nitro user and want to change your tag using a mobile device,

Open Discord, click on the menu button at the top leftTap on the Discord icon shown in the bottom menu, and go to ‘My Account’.Here, tap on ‘Username’Change your tag to any 4-digit number you wish, and press the floppy disk ‘Save’ icon shown.On the next screen, enter your password to confirm the changes and press the ‘Save’ icon again.

How to change your Discord tag without Nitro?

If you do not have a Discord Nitro subscription/ are not a Discord partner and want to change your Discord tag, you’d have to make use of a bot to do so. This comes with a limitation that you do not get to choose your new Discord tag and will be assigned one at random, based on the availability.

To do this, the above-mentioned logic of a unique discriminator per username comes into play, and it cannot be used if there are no other users with the same tag. You’d need to have your own server or be a moderator of a server to use the bot. Also note that you’d have to wait for an hour if you want to change it again. If you want to change your tag, do the following:

Select the server you want to add the bot to, and press ‘Continue’ and authorize the bot.
Now, open a Discord server you own or moderate, and in the text box, type ‘?discrim’ You will now be able to see a list of users with the same username as yours. Select and copy the name of another user with the same tag.
Go to User Settings → My Account, replace your username with this copied name, enter your password to verify and save it. Once done, you will be assigned a random discriminator tag to avoid having the same one as another user with the same username.
After an hour, go back and change your username to the old one, or select a new one as you wish.


What is a Discord tag number?

A discord tag number or a discriminator is a 4-digit number that is separated from the username by a hash (#).

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Why did my Discord tag change?

Your tag number can change if you change your username to something that matches another user. For example, if you change your name to katifund.orgTools#8489, and there"s already a katifund.orgTools#8489, your numbers will change.