I was thinking around that, yet while it"s not the cleanest, it"s by no implies a cesspool. Could tright here be many the nasties that can"t be seen?

Does anyone else use that shower that might have some dandruff or leave hairs? I"m getting to, but it might be possible.=w=

I was thinking about that, yet while it"s not the cleanest, it"s by no suggests a cesspool. Could tbelow be a lot of the nasties that can"t be seen?

Water mist?I didn"t have a fan in my previous bathroom and I seem to recall /something/ happening after gaining out of a shower rather a bit. May have actually been sneezing or coughing. Now that I have an exhaust fan I haven"t had actually anypoint like this happen at all.

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View image: http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c106/jeffsterling86/aids.gif "You have actually AIDS.Yes, you have AIDS.I hate to tell you, boy, you have AIDS.You obtained the AIDS.You may have actually captured it when you stuck that filthy needle in below.Or probably all that unsafeguarded sex which we hear.It isn"t clear, yet what we"re specific of is that you have AIDS.Yes, you have AIDS.Not HIV, yet full-blvery own AIDS.Be sure that you check out that this is not HIV, yet complete blvery own AIDS.Not HIV, but full-blown AIDS.I"m sorry, I wish it was something less serious, but it"s AIDS.You"ve obtained the AIDS."

Take a look at the huge picture.You"ve got rid of a bunch of the obvious. What else?Bbest lights was mentioned.Is it warmer/cooler than normal?Anything odd around the ventilation?Any distinctive tasks connected via use of that shower?:::If it"s not somepoint about that shower/environment it might be somepoint concerned the use of that shower.

Originally posted by Hellburner:Take a look at the massive photo.You"ve removed a bunch of the apparent. What else?Bideal lights was stated.Is it warmer/cooler than normal?Anything odd around the ventilation?Any unique activities connected through usage of that shower?:::If it"s not something about that shower/setting it might be something pertained to the usage of that shower.
It"s not as well bideal in there. It"s just fine to me. There"s nopoint odd around the water, there"s a pretty good fan that"s virtually always on and as for the tasks... -- View image here: https://cdn.katifund.org.net/forum/smilies/eyebrow.gif -- well, let"s just say that they"re not localized tbelow. I think it could be some type of spore or somepoint favor that. Only, I can"t view any kind of of it. Hrm...

The activity itself or dander/detritus released from furniture during the activity might be the cause.

I would certainly appreciate if someone can describe to me in detail the symptons of, the impacts, and just how one goes about coming to be "barn wacky". -- View photo here: http://episteme.katifund.org/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_cool.gif --

It might be simply plain dust.It happens to me also, yet just after. I figure it"s as soon as the nostrils gain all cleaned out and also going from a high humidity setting to a very dry one, dust and also particulates get earlier up in the nose and also begin the sneezing, bu tonly for a small while.It"s even more like "clearing out the sinuses" sneezing than "itchy nose" sneezing.

The temp differential, I sneeze whenever the temperature alters swiftly, could be the change in humidity also.

Originally posted by stargazer21:I would certainly appreciate if someone can describe to me in information the symptons of, the results, and also how one goes around ending up being "barn wacky". -- View photo here: http://episteme.katifund.org/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_cool.gif --
I do not know. I heard it in a cartoon when. -- View image here: http://episteme.katifund.org/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_wink.gif -- -- View picture here: http://episteme.katifund.org/groupee_common/emoticons/icon_razz.gif --

If it will certainly survive, wash the shower curtain - via bleach if possible. They don"t tend to dry well, and also through great ventilation, they"re gonna acquire some funky stuff going on.If it won"t, replace it via one that can be wamelted...

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