What to be the purpose of the Civil battle according to Lincoln as soon as it first began?How and also why did that changed?

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At first, believed it was "to save THE UNION no to save or destroy slavery"Changed to making finishing slavery the goal b/c:1. Europe wouldn"t aid anyone that sustained slavery2. Releasing slaves would deprive the Confederacy of most of its occupational force
What walk Lincoln do as soon as his objective of the war adjusted from maintaining the union to ending slavery?
an bespeak issued by Lincoln on Jan. 1, 1863 heralding slaves in the Confederate claims to be freeEffectiveness: had little immediate effectNorth - slaves living in says loyal come union weren"t affected by it yet it did readjusted the Civil battle to a CRUSADE for FREEDOMSouth - they ignored it
risked one more invasion in the phibìc hoping to catch a northern city and convince the north to seek peace
Generals - Lee & Pickett (Confederacy) Meade (North)WHERE: Gettysburg, PAWHEN - July 1, 1863WHAT HAPPENED? battled for 3 days and 1/3 of Lee"s military was killed so he retreated to VAWHO won - UNION (large # of soldiers killed)
if encouraged Lee never to invade the phibìc againCHANGED HIS STRATEGY - to just fight a protective war on southern soil
1. North Democrats aka "Copperheads" - wanted peace not war2. Other Northerners - sustained the Confederate cause
Opposition on the Union house front:What occurred in Maryland when Union soldiers were marching through?
--a northern proslavery mob assaulted Union soldiers as they to be marching through--Lincoln sent out in troops to keep order--Used his constitutional power to suspend the ideal of HABEAS CORPUS--those doubt of disloyalty to be jailed without being charged for a crime
the ideal of an accused human to show up before a referee to challenge charges for this reason the judge deserve to determine even if it is the charges room fair
took place in Gettysburg, PA in ~ the site of the battle of Gettysburgit was a speech given by Lincoln in storage of those Union soldiers who had passed away PROTECTING THE IDEALS OF liberty UPON which THE united state WAS FOUNDED
the "" great civil war"" was a testing whether a country " conceived in liberty, and specialized to the proposition that all males are developed equal...can lengthy endure"meaning: tests the constitution and the federal government run through the human being will critical forever


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