I have actually beatles rock band so I have actually that to play but I additionally have etc hero Metallica and world tour and neither job-related with the drums. But online in the compatability it says all systems work-related with this games other than for the wii. Is over there a method around this. Prefer a hack or something?


The only Wii etc Hero gamings that are compatible with Rock band Drums space Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero: warriors of Rock

I understand this thread is really old and also probly won't be review at this point, but w/e. Lengthy story short, instrument combatibility ~ above Wii was constantly kinda screwy, more than likely in part because both collection did their tools in a different way (GH walk their instruments as wiimote extension controllers, RB to be USB (wired or adapters)).

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From memory: RB1 Wii could use just RB instruments. 2 can use one of two people game's ingredient (though I'm no 100% certain on Drums) as could 3. Mics work-related on anything, due to the fact that the mics were always the exact same with various logos painted ~ above them. Obviously, the RB keyboard works just with 3.

GH5 forward functioned with RB Drums, but I don't think the earlier ones did. Guitars ns feel might be the same, but I never ever tested there (I only ever before had RB drums and GH guitars) so i can't say for sure. Mics again, to be the same, so any kind of game/any mic need to work (even throughout consoles - the Wii U mic even works on 360 RB3). And also again, obviously, none of them functioned with RB3's keyboard.

I never gained the GH band-specific games, so i can't speak to their compatibility, yet I think they were based on GH4's engine, compatibility-wise. Aerosmith was most likely GH3.

RB's band games were the same as RB2, so GH guitars occupational with them, keys don't, mics do, drums i don't recognize (but i think they do).

Long story short, no tools work with every video game (other 보다 mics), yet RB2/3 and GH5/6 must work v every instrument. Wii instrument compatibility was effed up. Various other consoles, this is much much less of an worry (probably in component because of patches, but also all controllers to be either USB adapters (PS3) or 360 wireless controllers).

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EDIT: To my knowledge, this is likely beyond the limit of the average hack come fix, and even if the weren't, this was the the very least popular/most gimped variation of both collection on a game that quit being popular anywhere a couple years earlier or more, therefore it's regrettably unlikely to happen). There's also the concern that Wii games can't be patched, so any legit resolve would need to be made to the video game discs, and rereleases of any of the gamings to settle patches are never happening.