will.i.am( william James Adams Jr. ) run To The MusicLyricist:Sylvester StewartGet up and dance to the musicGet on up and dance to the fonky musicDance to the music, dance to the musicHey Greg, what?All we need is a drummerFor people who only need a beatI'm gonna add a little guitarAnd make it easy to move your feetFind more lyrics at ※ Mojim.comI'm gonna add some bottomSo that the dancers just won't hideYou might like to hear my organPlaying 'Ride Sally Ride'You might like to hear the horns blowin'Cynthia on the throne, yeahCynthia and Jerry got a message they're sayin'All the squares, go homeDance to the music, dance to the music

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will.i.am( wilhelm James Adams Jr. ) various Album songs1.Hot wing (I Wanna Party)2.Check it Out3.Real in Rio4.Party like an Animal5.Nature of The World6.True7.Yes us Can8.Shut Up and also Dance9.Dance to The Music (Modify)10.Colors11.I choose To relocate It12.It"s A brand-new Day13.Losin It14.Swing By my Way15.Go!16.Hoola Hoop17.You and Me18.Straighten increase & paris Right19.America"s Song20.Drop the Low21.Nothing really Matters22.#thatPOWER - Radio Edit23.Mash out f/ MC Lyte and also Fergie24.Mash out (interlude)25.Hall that Fame26.Great Times27.Lets Pa Pa Partay28.Heartbreaker (explicit)29.Money (feat. Huck Fynn)30.True (feat. Fergie)31.Tell of story (Tell Me as soon as You need It Again)32.Money33.Ev Rebahdee34.I Am35.It"s a new Day (main)36.The Donque song (Pinkbird dub remix by Fedde Le Grand)37.Secrets38.Ride Ride39.Possessions40.Tai Arrive41.The Money42.Feelin Myself43.It"s my Birthday44.It"s My birthday featuring Cody Wise45.Birthday46.Got it From mine Mama47.Heartbreaker (Edited at sight Clean UK Version) 48.Heartbreaker (Clean)49.Fiyah50.Scream & scream (UK Radio Edit)51.Scream & shout (Super Clean Radio Edit)52.Scream & shout (Clean Version)53.Scream & scream (clean)54.It"s My date of birth (Danny Dove Zoo terminal Club Mix)55.#thatPower (remix)56.Check It out - Main, Edited Version57.Check It the end - Main, clearly Version58.Scream & shout (Radio Edit)59.I am (Instrumental)60.Hooda Hella U (Instrumental)61.We gained Chu62.Check It out (Main Radio Mix)
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