10 things You more than likely Don’t Know around Wolfenstein's BJ Blazkowicz There room a few interesting tidbits about Wolfenstein\"s BJ Blazkowicz that no everyone is privy to. This list outlines 10 that those details.

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together the collection protagonist, throughout most releases, william “BJ” Blazkowicz has a long and storied history in the Wolfenstein franchise. In current years, the character has actually experienced a resurgence with regards come popularity, courtesy of the rebooted series developed by sweden studio MachineGames.


The reboot, which starts with 2014’s Wolfenstein: The brand-new Order, masterfully evolves BJ’s characterization, previously crafted by id Software. He’s much an ext than a stoic soldier fighting the an excellent fight in one alternate history World battle II. However, over there exists a couple of things the fans brand-new to Wolfenstein may not yet be privy to. The list below examines 10 such details.

Blazkowicz’ name might be identified with Wolfenstein’s brand, yet that wasn’t constantly the case. In fact, no of the franchise’s first two entries features the blue-eyed hero. BJ gone into the fray as soon as id Software acquired its hand ~ above the collection with 1992’s Wolfenstein 3D.

Since Wolfenstein 3D warrants praise as the pioneer of first-person shooters, Blazkowicz has long been integral come the evolution of gaming. Thus, he should be commemorated as such. Thankfully, MachineGames’ reboot collection has gracefully thrived in doing simply that. With a few more Wolfenstein titles set to launch from the studio, really hopes are high such success continues.

9 BJ to be A RED HEAD due to the fact that OF shade LIMITATIONS

top top his Wolfenstein 3D debut in 1992, BJ Blazkowicz donned a red head the hair. This isn’t what id software intended, however. Follow to MachineGames’ Jen Matthies, the team in ~ id called The new Order studio the Blazkowicz was initially meant to have actually dirty blonde hair. Yet, as result of “color palette” limitations, red is all the developers can muster.


With identifier Software’s original plans in mind, the team at MachineGames decided to return Blazkowicz come his dirty blonde look for its newly rebooted Wolfenstein series. It’s worked wonders, too. He certainly wears blonde far better than the black hair featured in 2009’s Wolfenstein installment.

As far as the celebrated MachineGames Wolfenstein collection is concerned, whether or not BJ Blazkowicz fathers a son continues to be to it is in seen. However, before the reboot v 2014’s Wolfenstein: The new Order, Blazkowicz has actually a son named Arthur. Rather than follow in his old masculine footsteps, Arthur joins show business and also eventually becomes a talk present host.

When making the transition to the life that showbiz, Arthur transforms his last name from Blazkowicz to Blaze. Pan of various other id software application titles might recognize this specific surname together the one belong to commander Keen’s star, Billy Blaze.


The Blazkowicz family members tree is rather intriguing. In fact, the lineage of this specific family has controlled to make its means into various other id software application titles, such as the side-scrolling series Commander Keen. This franchise’s protagonist, many may it is in surprised come find, is in reality grandson come BJ Blazkowicz.


Commander to crawl was even named after his paternal grandfather. If the Commander’s birth certificate reads, wilhelm Joseph Blazkowicz II, the most typically goes through the name of Billy Blaze. That is an exciting play top top the family name, which definitely helps to set him except the rest of the clan.

Doomguy, the player personality in identifier Software’s doom series, has never got a proper identity. This is many notably as result of first-person protagonists no requiring details of this nature in the genre’s nascent stage, together the player was intended to envision themselves in together roles.

Recently, however, information concerning Doomguy’s heritage has surfaced online, which functions to bridge the gap in between a number of id Software’s lovely games. According to id software program co-founders man Romero and Tom Hall, BJ Blazkowicz is Doomguy’s great-grandfather. Interestingly, it appears this certain tidbit is not relayed in either death or Wolfenstein franchises.


2005 observed the relax of the German film, Der Goldene Nazivampir von Absam 2. In the film, gibbs Daniel Krauss dram BJ Blazkowicz, who should sneak right into the Austrian Alps and infiltrate Kottlitz Castle. Blazkowicz’ mission is to i found it intelligence worrying a wide range of conspiracies.

One conspiracy is through regards come “miracle weapons.” Meanwhile, others facility on secret movies and underground experiments by foolish scientists. The many bizarre little of details BJ has to find, though? Evidence as to who can be responsible for the theft of counting Dracula’s remains. The film didn’t evaluation well, however some fans may uncover it worth a watch.

The prolific Brian Bloom serves as the guy behind BJ Blazkowicz in MachineGames’ rebooted Wolfenstein franchise. Many may mental Bloom as the winner of one Emmy in 1985 for as the people Turns and also as Pike in 2010’s The A-Team. He’s been tapped because that an inconceivable quantity of voice-over work, together well, consisting of the voice that Captain America.

Most notably, Bloom has detailed the voice for cap throughout much of the Marvel vs Capcom fighting series. Additionally, Bloom’s lent his voice come the Marvel character because that The Avengers: earth Mightiest Heroes TV series, Marvel Heroes, and a few other projects.

3 HIS STORY has actually BEEN REBOOTED much more THAN ONCE

The beginning of Wolfenstein: The brand-new Order go not represent the stole reboot in the collection for BJ Blazkowicz. On the contrary, it marks the 2nd time Blazkowicz’ character has been rebooted. Return to Castle Wolfenstein, which hit keep shelves in 2001, serves as the an initial example.

This entry is set in 1943, and also sees Blazkowicz endeavor into Egypt, and also other parts of the world, to investigate paranormal activity spearheaded by the Nazi Regime. Interestingly, return to Castle Wolfenstein’s sequel, merely titled Wolfenstein, did no release till August 2009. The 2009 title to be the final one released before MachineGames’ launching that is 2014 effort.

Wolfenstein: The new Order’s last showdown between General Deathshead and also Blazkowicz features a couple of nods to the boss fight in between Hitler and Blazkowicz in Wolfenstein 3D. Both Hitler and also Deathshead yell the following insult in ~ the protagonist, “Die, allied Schweinehund.” Additionally, over there exists a intuitive parallel between the 2 boss fights.

In Wolfenstein 3D, Hitler dons a massive mech suit to take it on the American soldier. Basic Deathshead wears something similar in his battle against Blazkowicz. Even the draft of the two mech suits show up to bear several similarities, though the distinction in graphical fidelity pipeline plenty come be preferred where Wolfenstein 3D is concerned.


Wolfenstein II: The new Colossus’ incredible opening segment is motivated by wheelchair skateboarding. At the begin of the sequel, Blazkowicz’ paralyzation hinders his motion from the waist down. Yet, as soon as it’s time to start shooting, stabbing, and also killing Nazis, he no let his disability completely immobilize him.

Instead, Blazkowicz grabs a wheelchair, allowing the player to traverse wolf 2’s very first level in a mind-boggling way. Follow to game Designer Jacob Eriksson, the idea came from the town hall videos of civilization in wheelchairs performing tricks in ~ skateparks. Apparently, MachineGames assumed it would certainly be a cool gameplay segment to implement in a game.

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