I'm in search of some aid connecting my Wink Hub to wifi by means of UART and forcing it to upday to the latest variation of the firmware. I deserve to get temp root through the NAND Glitch, but I can't seem to attach the device to Wifi by means of CLI. Any aid would certainly be appreciated, all the instructions I've discovered on rootwink.com are extremely outdated for the firmware variation I am running and don't job-related.

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Electrical engineer right here and assisted find the WiFi bug on the wink relay a couple of years back. I used to love the platdevelop, I also volunteered my help as soon as they were going with some bumps in the road. I hate to say it, but I deserve to assure you that your time is worth more than the $100 it would certainly require to obtain a Hubitat hub or your very own makeup of a Home Assistant hub. You’ll be much happier and also will be welcomed by either platdevelop with open arms. Wink is dying sindicate bereason they desire to.

Concern for you: Do you recognize of anyone that has actually successfully readjusted the software application to one more OS? I'd hate to provide up hardware that has so much compatibility. Tbelow isn't one more device on the sector that has so many type of radios.

I contacted them. They basically told me bereason I missed the update (in May 2020) that changed the way it connects to the servers, they couldn't help me, and to rerevolve the gadget to the store.

Try following this https://linuxconfig.org/connect-to-wifi-from-the-linux-command-line I had the ability to setup mine from the command also line. I likewise purposely never before updated my firmware for fear of it locking me out of root. There are likewise some wifi instructions in this post here: https://www.mattcarrier.com/post/hacking-the-winkhub-part-2/

I don't mind paying the subscription, for the amount of stuff it connects to and the cloud organization permitting me to regulate things when I'm not at residence it's worth the price to me. I didn't have actually the hub before the subscription organization.

Did you obtain it figured out? It's been a while given that I did it, but there are a couple of duplicates of the config, and you need to gain the ideal one (or every one of them).

If you still require it, I can find them for you.

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I didn't yet. I'm still struggling via it. Will this config adjust anypoint to get it to connect to the Wink update servers?

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