Winter liquid Apple by Bath and also Body Works is a Floral Fruity fragrance because that women. Winter candy Apple was released in 2014. Optimal notes are Candy Apple and also Orange; center notes space Cinnamon, Maple, Rose and Neroli; basic notes are Musk, Moss and Orris Root.

For the winter holidays season of 2014, three brand-new (reissued) collections are launched, consisting of fragrance mists, scented lotions and also other body treatment products. Winter liquid Apple, Vanilla p Noel and also Twisted Peppermint are here to do the holidays an ext festive.

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Winter candy Apple

Top notes: candied apple, orange.Heart: maple, cinnamon, neroli, rose.Base: winter musk, orris root, moss.

The fragrances are accessible as 240 ml well fragrant mists through accompanying collections for body care.

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