When it was first released, the Nintendo Wii was hailed as among the many innovative consoles ever made. Through the exemption of the original Pong console, it would be difficult to argue, if only since of that is revolutionary nature. Pong took video games indigenous the arcade and into the living room. Atari and also others complied with by occurring cartridges, for this reason you might play multiple gamings with one console. The Wii broke the mold by transforming games from a laid-back task into an energetic one. Rather of laying earlier on the couch and also pushing buttons, you had to move around. It was this revolutionary control scheme that made the Wii the first Nintendo console to break 100 million lifetime sales.

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It’s likewise thanks to this plan that the Wii remains popular today. Regardless of being more than a te old at the moment of this writing, millions of civilization use the Wii every day. There’s also a wealthy aftermarket that parts, so human being can replace and repair your Wiis as needed. There are likewise gadgets favor Wii come HDMI converters, so you can affix to contemporary televisions. All of this to say the you can need a replacement part now and then.

Integral to the Wii’s control scheme is its motion sensor bar. The bar sit on her TV, and also picks increase the motion of your controller. If the bar is out of place, or if that broken, girlfriend won’t have the ability to play her Wii. The course, there might be other reasons to change your sensor. You might want to usage your Wii with a different system, or use a wireless bar. In the case, you’ll absolutely need an aftermarket option.

We’re around to look in ~ the three ideal replacement wireless Wii sensor (motion) bars available. We’ll begin out through reviewing the Mayflash W010 Wireless Sensor DolphinBar. This is a devoted Wii sensor it is designed to allow you to usage your Wiimote together a pc input. Next, we’ll study the KIMILAR replacement Wireless Sensor Bar. This bar works in both wired and also wireless mode, come cover a variety of circumstances. Finally, we’ll testimonial the NIFERY Wireless Infrared movement Sense Bar. This sensor has actually a selection of 12 feet, longer than the original and perfect for very large rooms. Let’s take it a closer look at every one of them, and also see exactly how they ridge up.


Mayflash W010 Wireless Sensor DolphinBar

Mayflash has developed a variety of Wii accessories, including their GameCube Controller Adapter. Now, we’ve acquired a look in ~ the W010 Wireless Sensor DolphinBar. The DolphinBar is a slick black color sensor bar that has the same general type factor together the original. However, its glossy black complete is a much better match because that PCs and other “gamer” gear. Moreover, the stand is removable. This way it can easily be laid flat on a desk or dresser, if you’d rather not mess v attaching the was standing to her TV. At 10 inches wide, 1 deep, and also 0.7 thick, it’s additionally compact sufficient for straightforward travel. You deserve to take it on the roadway without a lot of fuss.


Sensor Bar Installation

The W010 sensor bar deserve to be conveniently synced v your Wii console. Simply hold down the sync switch as you typically would, and also follow the normal pairing process. From that point, use it together you’d use any kind of other Wii sensor. Girlfriend can set it underneath her TV, or attach it come the top with double-sided tape.


The W010 can likewise be provided to connect to your PC, via the detachable three-foot USB cord. It’s much easier to use on pc than many motion sensors, since it doesn’t need an emulator or other third-party software. That said, when Mayflash advertises “plug-and-play” operation, it’s not fairly that simple. Prior to you usage this sensor bar, you’ll need to update come the current driver package. This have the right to be downloaded from Mayflash.com, and also takes just a few minutes to install.


The Mayflash W010 functions in four various modes. In the very first two, your Wiimote will job-related as a mouse, along with your PC’s keyboard. There space subtle differences between the two, however both are reasonably easy come use. The two modes differ based upon how her Wii buttons work. In the first, they’ll role as media controls, for pausing, playing, and skipping tracks. In the second, they’ll duty as gaming controls. In both cases, the cursor no shake or stutter.


In the 3rd mode, your Wiimote will work as a common gaming controller. The activity controls will be locked out, and also you can use the controller in horizontal mode. In the 4th mode, your Wiimote will job-related like a Wiimote. You can play Wii gamings through an emulator, or usage the Wiimote for play third-party games. You deserve to cycle through all 4 modes easily by tapping a switch on peak of the sensor. Moreover, you can connect four controllers simultaneously, either on your Wii or on her PC.


KIMILAR instead of Wireless Sensor Bar

The KIMILAR replacement Wireless Sensor Bar is a compact, black color sensor the looks prefer the original. The exemption to this is the prominent power/syncing button on the prior of the unit. There’s likewise a small, clean plastic was standing that’s basic to attach and also detach. At just 9.55 inches in width, it’s the narrowest sensor on our list. This provides it right if you’re positioning it in a narrow location. For instance, if you’re trying to placed it ~ above a small shelf just above or just below your screen, girlfriend can.


Sensor Bar Installation

The KIMILAR sensor is designed come be easy to install both v your PC and your Wii. On your PC, that connects via either Bluetooth or USB. Using USB usually provides the many sense, due to the fact that you can save batteries. That said, there is no plug-and-play functionality. You’ll need an emulator come actually usage your Wiimote as a Wiimote. Syncing v the Wii is basic with the Sync button, and also you can also sync v the Wii U. This way you deserve to use both the old and the new versions of the Wii console. Moreover, KIMILAR has mounting tape in the kit, so everything you need is in ~ hand.


Battery Life and Performance

This sensor takes 4 AAA batteries, i beg your pardon are included in the package. As soon as it’s set up, it will run for just over 12 hours, depending upon conditions. The range of eight feet is neither long nor short, around the same as the original Wii sensor. The sensitivity is very good, so girlfriend won’t have actually trouble through shooters and other precision games. As soon as the Wii has been calibrated, her controller will point exactly wherein you want it to.


NIFERY Wireless Infrared movement Sensor Bar

The NIFERY Wireless Infrared movement Sensor Bar is a bit much more eye-catching than our last 2 options. It has a blocky, retro-Nintendo vibe, with a prominent sync switch on the front. In ~ 12.1 inches wide and 3.5 inch deep, it’s reasonably large. But at only 0.4 inches thick there is no the stand, it will certainly fit just around anywhere. It’s likewise well constructed. This doesn’t mean it’s shock-proof, by any kind of means. However if girlfriend accidentally drop that now and then, it’s not going to suddenly quit working. Along with the unit itself, you acquire a small stand, i m sorry is quickly removable.

Sensor Bar Installation

Installing the NIFERY sensor is simple and straightforward, similar to the other two on our list. It can be synced v your Wii, and also used in mere seconds. Download the four AAA batteries, and you’re ready to go. Alternatively, friend can attach to a pc via USB. This technique will save you on battery life, since the cable will carry out the power. That said, yes no plug-and-play compatibility top top PC. Lot like the KIMILAR, you’ll should use one emulator for pc gaming.


Battery Life and also Performance

Like the KIMILAR, the NIFERY sensor will job-related with both the Wii and the Wii U. A collection of fresh batteries will last because that 12 hours, i m sorry is about the very same as the Wiimote. If she on the road, you’ll probably want to lug an extra set or two.

The actual performance of the sensor was a little of a combined bag. Top top the one hand, it can be a little bit laggy. It functions fine as soon as you’re relocating your Wiimote slowly. However as shortly as you begin making any quick movements, you’ll occasionally obtain some lag. This is no large deal if you’re simply navigating a menu. But if you in the center of quit Bros, it deserve to seriously crimp her style. On the various other hand, the maximum sensor selection of 12 feet is fairly impressive. You have the right to use the NIFERY sensor in huge rooms that would certainly be problem for many other sensors.

Final Verdict

As is more than likely clear by now, every of these replacement Wii sensors has its very own purpose. The Mayflash W010 Wireless Sensor DolphinBar is the best if she a pc gamer. Due to the fact that it’s design to job-related with your computer, you’re prepared to go without needing to install third-party software. Girlfriend can even use your Wiimote together a mouse, and totally free up your hands. It additionally has a removable base, which renders it simple to transport. Friend can additionally use the W010 with your Wii, yet there’s nothing spectacular around it.

The KIMILAR instead of Wireless Sensor Bar is the finest hybrid option. With both a Bluetooth and a wired option, you can affix to both a Wii and a PC. However, it’s no plug-and-play on PC. You’ll need something prefer the Dolphin emulator to do it work. But because it doesn’t need a wire, it’s easy to move from room come room. Performance on the Wii was surprisingly good, and pairing was easy.

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The NIFERY Wireless Infrared activity Sensor Bar works v both the Wii and also the Wii U, similar to the KIMILAR. That is main distinction is the it has actually a an extremely long range, as far as 12 feet. This provides it an ideal for big rooms where a normal movement sense bar wouldn’t be workable. ~ above the other hand, the sensitivity isn’t fairly as exact as we would have liked. If you require a hyper-accurate sensor, you may want to look elsewhere.