We had a karaoke party for her the night prior to graduation, and one the the older human being there discussed how fast time has gone. One of Caroline’s friends replied with something to the result that time goes so slow. Perspective, right?

So because that now, I’ll shot to reap the present. I’ll remember the school days of mine daughter. They weren’t always easy. There were teachers and also principals and friends us loved along the way. There were others we loved a tiny less. There were times that we all struggled v feelings the inadequacies and also frustration as parents, and times wherein we all shed our cool at one another. Even though those challenging times will exist somewhere in the recesses of ours minds, I’m walking to select to mainly remember the good times.

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I’ll mental the miss Frankie pre-school days wherein they sang “I am a Promise” at their pre-school graduation. Lock all had “potentiality.” I’ll psychic the an initial day each year of elementary when we would walk ours daughter down the street to T.G. Smith Elementary. I’ll psychic the clock D.O.G.S. Dad days in ~ T.G. Smith wherein I was able to patrol the hallways, communicate with the kids, and hang out in classrooms transparent the job while spending lunch and recess through my daughter. There to be “Donuts v dads,” a etc concert, school dress-up days, eye days, and our run to Stephen Curtis Chapman’s “Cinderella” at the talent show. I’ll remember her time in ~ Hellstern middle School and picking her up and taking she for lunches at local Chinese buffets. Sometimes a friend or 2 would sign along. I’ll psychic the band concerts at main Junior High. I’ll mental the choir concerts at Har-Ber High School and also the Friday night high college football and basketball games we would certainly go to. I’ll remember the car rides to and from school that would sometimes finish with a word of encourage or a basic “I love you.”

The memory touch my really core. Mine eyes fine up through emotions as soon as I think around the past 13 year of school for her. Ns wonder if mine mom and also dad feel the same method 30 years ago. I watch my yonsi parents now struggling physically and also mentally and also I wonder if any kind of of the awaits me in an additional 30 years. And also I now realize the 30 year doesn’t take close to as lengthy as it used to.

But most of all appropriate now, I’m simply proud of mine daughter. Proud of she perseverance. Ns don’t think she’ll look ago with a lot of fond storage of her school days. Rather honestly there to be a many struggles follow me the way, and also times wherein we all wondered if we were walking to make it come this end up line. She struggled with feelings that inadequacies and self-doubt and also self-loathing. I think most parents traverse these problems raising children. The struggles are real. They room serious. But they have the right to be overcome. The seems like forever sometimes, but when you watch them walk across the stage to acquire their diploma, forever is just the blink of an eye.

“I repaint a picture of the days gone by. When love walk blind and you would certainly make me see”

I think that 1989 as a transitional year in music and likewise a transitional year for me personally v my graduation native Norman High School. Our big graduation ceremony (exceeded by mine daughter’s course of 650) was hosted inside of the Lloyd Noble facility on the campus the the college of Oklahoma. I’ve written about it before on this site, however I tho still vividly psychic walking the end of the arena and also up the ramp in my black cap and gown, and transforming around and just staring for a minute at all of my fellow students wade behind me. There was a feeling of excited and success and a feeling of anticipation and even relief amongst us all. Us were walking up the ramp out of the arena, right into the parking lot to our cars, and essentially steering off right into our futures.

It never ever really struggle me until ideal then that ns wouldn’t see plenty of of these civilization ever again. Lest girlfriend forget, this was long before we knew what the internet also was, and what is to be going to be and do for united state in the future. It was long before Facebook and also Instagram almost made you ideal friends again. Heck, I’d even argue the I’ve spoken much more electronically to several of my previous classmates than I ever before did in my 4 or 5 years in school with several of them.

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My daughter simply made her walk up onto a makeshift stage at Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville, AR last weekend in she Har-Ber High blue graduation gown and also cap. What her future holds just God knows. I would certainly guess it’s exciting and a little scary at the same time.

She’s going to start working full time immediately. School just hasn’t been she jam, and also that’s ok. University is not for every 18 year old. Some need to number things out and follow various paths. She has actually a great head on her shoulders. She will figure it out, and she doesn’t have to number it the end tomorrow or following week or next month or following year. She’ll gain there in her very own time. Like any path, there will be forks in the road. There will be dead ends. There will be narrow roads and broad roads and also roads that seemingly go on forever into the future.