Chapters 6-9

Depending how many battles you"ve done in the game, throughout these Chapters, friend will likely unlock

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Chapter 6 - Solace native the Ice

From the start of the ice cream Region, head over to the inn dubbed Sherlotta"s Solace. Make sure you in Jiant form, so girlfriend can get Chest #1/1 through a Rename Prism in. This will let friend rename your Mirages if you wish. You have the right to only rename Mirages in her party, not any kind of that are in the Prism Case. Then research the glow item top top the desk, and you"ll acquire a cutscene. This will introduce you to Refia, and you"ll receive the Warlock"s Warmer, which will certainly let girlfriend travel through the ice Region. Refia will join you on your travels. Prior to you set off, look for the white cat that"s in the far right corner. Connect with the to get Old personal Posting 1. There space 5 of these you should collect for the Champion Mirajewel"s achievement.

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Upon perfect the treatment Quest Never cross The Boss, the Undead Princess★ will certainly reside external Sherlotta"s Solace. Perfect A Grudge the Won"t Budge will permit you come fight her. She"s challenging for a low-level boss. If you wish to imprism her, it"s important to go in through a Mirage that knows Banish (e.g. Infant Paleberry). If you just wish to loss her, climate you"ll need stacks with good Dark resistance and a method to cure or stand up to Confuse.

Undead Princess★Fire, Wind, LightUse irradiate attacks

Icicle Ridge

To access all of the Icicle Ridge, friend will need Mirages that recognize Sizzle and Smash. I personally walk in v a Black Nakk because that Sizzle, and a Mythril huge for Smash. The Cockatrice and also Fritt Mirages room two others you may have that deserve to learn Sizzle too. To acquire a Mythril Giant, you just need to level increase a Copper Gnome come Level 10. Over there is a weighted puzzle in this area that requires a ridge that has a load of 11 and also an planet Resistance the 11. I personally go in with a Mythril Giant, Mandragora, and Babyhemoth, and these needs were met.

You won"t have the ability to imprism White Nakks until after the ceo fight. There is likewise an area that"s top top the phibìc of the map girlfriend won"t be able to get below at the moment, so don"t worry around it.

Baby PaleberryFire, Dark, Confuse, DeathUse physical attacks
BabyhemothDark, BerserkUse physical attacks
Babyhemoth StackQuachacho, BabyhemothFire, Dark, Poison, Confuse, DeathN/A
Babyhemoth ridge 2White Nakk, BabyhemothFire, Dark, Confuse, BerserkN/A
Babyhemoth stack 3Baby Paleberry, BabyhemothFire, Dark, Confuse, DeathN/A
DeathskullFire, Wind, Light, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, SlowInflict Oblivion
Deathskull StackBaby Paleberry, DeathskullFire, Wind, Light, Confuse, Sleep, OblivionN/A
Holy DragonDarkUse irradiate attacks
Ice BatFire, Light, Confuse, BlindInflict Blind
QuachachoFire, Dark, Poison, Confuse, DeathRestore HP
Right ClawIce Bat, Deathskull, appropriate ClawIce, Water, Earth, Dark, Oblivion, BerserkReduce HP
Right nipper StackFire, Water, Light, Confuse, Sleep, Oblivion, SlowN/A
White NakkFire, ConfuseUse ice Attacks

From the entrance, head previous the portal and also you"ll come to an ice obstacle. These must be eliminated with Sizzle. Head ~ above down and there will be one more ice block to use Sizzle on. Here will discover Chest #1/8. Go ago and then continue down, going under the winding path. You"ll come to your an initial ice puzzle here. These puzzles are reasonably straightforward - you"ll use

to identify the direction you desire to go in, and you"ll take trip in that direction until you fight an obstacle. For this puzzle, there are two exits and also an ice-block extended chest. Start by going for the chest, and also the course you desire to take it is right, down, left, up, and right. You"ll immediately melt the ice cream block and also then you can open Chest #2/8.

Then walk left, down, left, down, right, and also down. This will certainly take you come the southern exit. At the bottom of the steep is Chest #3/8. Go back up the slope and also then take the adhering to route to gain to the platform departure up, right, down, right, up, and right. Head along the path and into the following area. Getting here in this area, you"ll it is in greeted v two White Nakks. You can"t imprism these, and they"ll run away when you"ve beat them. Head under the path and slope until you come to an additional ice block. Behind the is Chest #4/8. Then go back slightly, and take the slope up and also around to the second puzzle of this area. Begin by going:

Up, right, up, right, and down.

This will take you come the right-hand exit. Then go down and also left (on the ice), which will take you to Chest #5/8. Then walk right and up, taking you earlier to the exit. Currently take the path and on your method around, open Chest #6/8 for a Squishsparkly. You"ll then have to fight 3 White Nakks. When you"ve excellent that, go to the finish of the path, and give the Squishsparkly come the Gimme Golem. This will acquire you back on the ice, and you desire to go down, left, down, right, and down, which will certainly take you come the other path. Monitor this to gain to the leave of this part.

In the next area, you"ll satisfy Grandfenrir, that is the leader of the White Nakks. On the left the the very first platform is a sweetheart trove. Head increase the steep to the next platform to gain to the next puzzle. This is where having a Mirage the knows Smash will come in handy. It"s additionally where the load puzzle is located. To acquire to the puzzle first, walk left, up, left, up, right, up, left, up, right, up, right, down, left, down, left, down, and left. This will certainly take you come a path that leads up. You"ll need to smash the block follow me the means and the weight puzzle is at the top. Completing this puzzle will cause the top platform to loss down, which makes the puzzle much easier to complete.

Open Chest #7/8. The top left departure takes you come an area dubbed the secret Slip which will certainly be a bit too an overwhelming right now. So take the various other path which will take you straight to the area exit.

The 4th area is whereby you"ll uncover a save point, followed by a ceo fight - versus Grandfenrir and also four White Nakks. I went in through the following stacks: Lann + Floating Eye + Zapt and Reynn + Cockatrice + black Nakk. I had Zapt recognize Thunderbolt and also as it damages multiple enemies, it faced the White Nakks an extremely easily. Having actually Reynn together a "fire stack" expected that the fight was over reasonably quickly. As soon as Grandfenrir"s health gets low, he"ll summon an additional four White Nakks. Perfect this ceo fight will reward you through 2 Arma Gems and also a Fenrir Memento. You"ll likewise now have the ability to imprism White Nakks which needs the usage of Ice strikes (I had Bablizz, which made that relatively easy come do).

Then head ago to the boss platform and have the route of the ideal that leads down. There is a Murkrift here, i m sorry shouldn"t it is in too daunting for you come complete. It"s worth attempting to imprism among the Mini Flans in the Murkrift together they deserve to be a an excellent Mirage to have actually at this point.