For the last skill Drill, Chef ann Burrell and also Chef Tyler Florence an obstacle the last four recruits come replicate a dish. V no help from their mentors, the recruits must rely on your taste buds and newfound skills. The trials continue when the recruits must chef a revamped variation of their Day 1 signature key for your loved ones -- but their loved ones don"t understand which recruitment cooked what dish and also could unwittingly send their very own loved one packing! (Special airtime - 10 afternoon ET)

I believed this was a really cute episode. Loved the fist bumps and also I think they every did well. I"m not sure I would have actually picked the same final 2, but it"s still a great episode.

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I was sure that the opposite options would have been made!

Has there ever been an all masculine finale? I just remember 1 man actually make it come the finale before.


I don"t mental an all masculine finale yet there were at the very least two male finalists - Joshie that won season 2 and also a big guy a couple seasons ago who didn"t win.


I to be surprised by the world chosen but really happy the Tyler decided Lawrence since Ginny was just obnoxious. I preferred both men on Anne"s team yet thought she"d select Taylor since he seemed calmer. I"ll it is in happy v whichever one wins.


This has been the best season due to the fact that season 2 IMO. I hope castle stick with real world from now on.


I believed Backflip boy was destined in ~ the beginning because backflips, but because he seemed to it is in greeting each week"s food v "ick, i don"t favor that. It grosses me out" he"d sort of faded. Tossup between him and large Dumb Jock, anyway. They"ve been offering Ginny so much time the I never really i found it Urkel to be there. Ns guess that must have been, though. I can"t remember one thing about him from previous weeks.


What have actually we learned here? Don"t talk smack or get the vapors end the hold of the opposite sex if you"re ~ above a reality show? OK.

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I"m guessing Tyler chose the army guy end Ginny since Ginny confirmed -- particularly in the skill drill -- that once she assumed she automatically knew something, she never went to the trouble of investigating additional & questioning if she was right. She team mate appeared a little much more open to other possibilities, maybe since he wasn"t feeling 100% confident. In various other words, he"s still teachable. Or maybe he"s just better at taking orders! ;-)

So glad that Ginny walk home because 1) she was completely obnoxious, 2) she believed she was every that and a bag the chips and as Nidratime notes, had actually zero curiosity or true desire come learn, 3) she"s a gun seed as listed upthread. Principally, though, I want her gone since 4) ns really really did not desire to have to root for ann to win and also would have had actually to do just that if Ginny had actually been Tyler"s final competitor.

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I to be surprised that Anne made decision Nick end Taylor, yet I kind of believed from the very first episode that Nick would be in the finale.


I thought that Ginny"s dish was lot more daunting than Lawrence"s. I think her smack speak in the very first heat did her in; no slightly undercooked rice.

Ginny said in she interview v the local record that she"s made what they taught her, however hasn"t do the efforts to cook anything else. The to me mirrors a true absence of desire to learn.

Tyler"s masculine contestant (blanking on his name appropriate now) cracked me up in his THs this episode. One I favored was when he was like, "The maintain wheels space coming off? I never knew the cultivate wheels were on!" the fits with what many here have actually said - they seemed to run to very daunting things quickly and also skipped straightforward things.

I would have actually rather watched Nick and Taylor from the red team in the finale, though I favor Lawrence well enough -- he"s to be a little bit of a sleeper this season, and also I wouldn"t be shocked to see him win. I just thought the Nick and Taylor did an awesome job of functioning together, and also both that them seem somewhat an ext confident/competent in the kitchen 보다 Lawrence.


I thought that Ginny"s dish was lot more difficult than Lawrence"s. I think her smack speak in the an initial heat did her in; no slightly undercooked rice.


Definitely top top both!! cooking a steak fine or even the chicken breast would certainly be pretty fairly easy, but rice deserve to be funky. I have the right to make 99 great pots of rice, and also then I have the right to have 1 just go to shit for every little thing reason...and i think she had to cook it on the stove and then bake it? that said, I found her incredibly unpleasant in the an initial segment. Her level the arrogance was simply silly. Ns am a reasonably experienced (and hopefully no awful!) cook, and also I would be hard pressed to know for sure which reduced of steak was used or every single herb the was used. And boy, Tyler to be pissed off at she -- I can tell as quickly as he started talking about her the Ginny to be toast, sort of choose the woman early on who threw all of her ingredient on the ground.

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This has been a much better season than the critical couple, as it appears to it is in filled with much more real people and also less "actor-y" types. BUT. I really wish the they would display the recruits learning much more basic stuff -- choose knife an abilities -- i mean, really, many of us space not walking to chef ostrich meat, but all of us deserve to learn a bit around how much better to reduced veggies. I think the this show was at its finest when they focused on teaching much more normal, day-to-day kinds of food preparation skills. Plus, honestly, Tyler is as boring to me together watching paint dry.