Skype Portable leaving stuff behind in %USERPROFILE%\Tracing\WPPMedia and comparable Registry entries

Win 8.1

Haven"t used Skype because that monthsFile dates enhance to critical auto updateJust checked by starting & stopping Skype and also seeing extra files and reg tricks changing

To include to the funny Tracing is a system folder or similar.Is it feasible Win is creating the fluff in response to Skype fairly than skype itself developing the them?

In any event castle shouldn"t be over there after a skype Portable session on a random system.

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P.S. I recognize my food and I disagree with the captcha. Water is *not* food and also there is a difference in between a soup and also a stew ! damn side an ext fun the google street view home numbers, I like it


LATER: googling says this might get facility depending on win version, privileges on host, etc, ns don"t usage Skype sufficient for that to be a personal concern therefore I"ll leave it to others.


July 5, 2015 - 3:44pm
man T. Haller

critical seen: 1 hour 44 min back

System produced

Those files are generated by the operating system itself as result of the fact that Skype offers an IE browser view within to show ads and similar. We won"t it is in messing with it through our launcher together it can break other things.

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All apps leave things favor prefetch papers and specific registry traces also that windows generates. Us don"t touch those either.

Sometimes, the impossible can come to be possible, if you"re awesome!

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