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A step from the Heroic version of Wrath that the Machine. Bungie/Activision
over the years, Destiny has obtained renown for just how buggy it deserve to be. A group of livestreamers gyeongju to finish Destiny: rise of Iron’s raid top top Heroic difficulty yesterday obtained a painful reminder of that fact, as soon as a glitch wiped the end the totality team — and its possibilities of scoring the world’s first completion of the hard-mode raid.

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Bungie released update 2.4.1 because that Destiny in ~ 10 a.m. PT yesterday, and also launched the Heroic variation of Wrath of the an equipment four hours later. Clan Redeem automatically began livestreaming its effort to win Wrath of the Machine. The group was flying through the raid, having finished the Vosik conference on its second try and completed the Siege Engine hit the an initial time.

But tragedy struck at the 24-minute mark:

Modern Tryhard, the player that was hosting the livestream, jumped under to open some loot chests top top the method to the raid’s last battle. However he had actually apparently gone too much ahead the his teammates, crossing part invisible obstacle that make the video game think someone was attempting come cheat. The whole fireteam was killed — and also when the Guardians went back to the action, they discovered they had actually respawned before the Siege Engine section.

"Are friend kidding me, Bungie?!" one of the players cry out.

"I nothing think I’ve ever been plunder so tough in my life," contemporary Tryhard said.

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The members that Redeem knew what was at stake, and they knew exactly how much time they were shedding by having to redo whole segment the the raid. In the video, you deserve to hear castle trying to convince themselves the they still had a chance to be the world’s very first raid finishers. However it was an understandably demoralizing setback — all the more so because Redeem stop the title of the world’s very first Wrath of the device completion.

The group managed to to win the Siege Engine section within a mere six minutes, however that was sufficient to price Redeem the title. The team perfect the hard-mode raid at 2:49:52 p.m. PT — a little less than four minutes behind the first-place group, die Busfahrer (German for "The Bus Drivers"). In various other words, Redeem was robbed: there is no the six-minute setback, the team would have easily come in first.

To your credit, the members that Redeem space being great sports about being screwed over.

"GGs to Clan die Busfahrer aka The Bus vehicle drivers for obtaining Worlds first Hard setting WoTM and also we got people Third, behind The Legend Himself," modern Tryhard wrote in the YouTube summary for the video clip of Redeem’s run.

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