A bank is a gaue won institution and a gaue won intermediary that accepts deposits and also channels those deposits right into lending activities.

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The bank (2001 film)

The Bank is an 2001 Australian thriller/drama movie starring David Wenham and also Anthony LaPaglia.


Jim Doyle (David Wenham) is a maverick mathematician who has devised a formula come predict the fluctuations of the share market. As soon as he join O"Reilly"s fold, the must an initial prove his commitment to the "greed is good" ethos.


Kazuhiro Muroyama as Toshio Stephen Leeder as Billy


The financial institution grossed $2,515,917 at the box office in Australia.

Reviews the the film to be mixed. Evaluation aggregator Rotten Tomatoes score The bank at 65% from 36 skilled reviews (average rating 5.8/10), but 45% indigenous 11 "top critic" evaluate (average rating 5.5/10). Australian film evaluation site urban Cinefile"s three reviewers summarized the film together "favourable". The new York times concluded "As far-fetched as the movie is ... Conveys one engaging zest because that upper-crust mischief. The 2 stories come together in the hurtling last lap together Wayne confronts Simon in his country house if Jim puts his perfected program into operation. The upshot is a whopper of an ending that is together silly together it is satisfying." The new York post gave the film 1.5/4 stars, stating "Despite a crafty premise and also a clever kink in the tale that virtually saves it, Connolly isn"t dexterous sufficient to achieve the Hitchockian level that suspense the movie needs." The Los Angeles Times proclaimed "Connolly can well have built a brisker, more exciting photo with more vivid and involving characters. As it is, the film takes too long to become truly compelling."

The 77 bank

The 77 Bank, Ltd. (株式会社七十七銀行, Kabushiki-gaisha Shichijūshichi Ginkō) (TYO: 8341) is a Japanese regional bank headquartered in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. Together the designated financial institution of the prefecture, the city, and also many various other cities and tokatifund.orgs throughout the prefecture, that performs duties such together holding deposits for public money and handling payments. That is additionally the biggest local bank in the Tōhoku region.

The 77 bank is unique amongst other Tōhoku region banks in operating branches in Nagoya and Osaka. It additionally runs a representative office in Shanghai. Complying with criticism for lagging behind in the establishment of a participating ATM network, the financial institution is reserved to get in into an commitment with two various other convenience save operators within the prefecture in March, 2006.


As of in march 31, 2014:


The 77 bank traces its origins to an 1872 law allowing for the establishment of banks in Japan. Having received approval indigenous the ministry of Finance in February, 1872, The 77th National financial institution was developed in September in Miyagi prefecture, an area v very limited banking services at the time. The famous industrialist of the time and president that the an initial National Bank, Shibusawa Eiichi, took an interest in the breakthrough of the Tohoku region; he sustained the fledgling bank through advice, provision of some of his very okatifund.org funds, and also the supply of personnel native The an initial National bank when The 77th National bank was founded.

Money in the bank (2014)

Money in the bank (2014) to be a experienced wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event created by WWE. That took location on June 29, 2014 at the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. It was the fifth annual Money in the financial institution event.

Eight matches took ar at the event, v no match aired ~ above the pre-show. The titular ladder match for the Money in the financial institution contract was won by Seth Rollins. The main occasion was a Ladder match for the vacant WWE civilization Heavyweight Championship, which to be won by john Cena.

The event received 122,000 buys (excluding WWE Network views), under from the ahead year"s 199,000 buys.


Money in the bank featured professional wrestling matches that associated wrestlers from pre-existing scripted feuds, plots, and storylines the played the end on WWE"s main television programs, Raw and also SmackDokatifund.org. Wrestlers illustrated faces (heroes) or heels (villains) as they complied with a collection of events that built tension and culminated in a wrestling complement or series of matches.

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Money in the financial institution (Swizz Beatz song)

"Money in the Bank" is a tune by American hip hop record artist and also record producer Swizz Beatz, released may 29, 2007 together the second single indigenous his debut studio album One man Band guy (2007). The song consists of a interpolation to basically a whole verse indigenous Eric B & Rakim"s track "Eric B. Is President." The track was additionally featured in the final dance succession in the 2008 film step Up 2 the Streets.

Music video

The music video, command by Syndrome, premiered top top BET"s 106 & Park on respectable 1, 2007.The second section of the music video switches come a video for "Top Dokatifund.org", one more song turn off Swizz Beatz"s One guy Band male album.


The main remix features guest appearances from Young Jeezy, Eve and also Elephant Man.



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Money (Blackadder)

"Money" is the fourth episode that the BBC sitcom Blackadder II, the second series the Blackadder, which was collection in Elizabethan England indigenous 1558 come 1603.


Blackadder fan one thousand pounds come the Bishop the Bath and Wells, who intimidates to have him eliminated if the does not pay. Blackadder do the efforts unsuccessfully to blackmail the Bishop. He has actually only 85 pounds, which the loses as soon as the Queen wins a bet about him v Lord Melchett.

Blackadder and also Baldrick manage to gain sixpence indigenous a sailor, which is additionally taken by the Queen. Mr Percy do the efforts to do them money by alchemy, there is no success, only creating a environment-friendly substance, which that seems persuaded is valuable. Blackadder manages to bully a couple into to buy his residence for 1100 pounds, yet is again tricked the end of the money by the Queen.

Finally, Blackadder medicine the Bishop and also has a paint made of him in a extremely compromising position. He uses this to effectively blackmail the Bishop right into writing turn off the debt and giving him sufficient money come buy earlier his house and also live in comfort. The Bishop is impression by his treachery, yet asks that the other number in the painting is, at which Blackadder discover Percy.

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Money (KMFDM song)

"Money" is a tune by commercial rock group KMFDM from your 1992 album the the exact same name. It to be released together a solitary in 1992, and also released as a 7" in 2008, together the nine release that KMFDM"s 24/7 series. The tune charted at No. 36 in July 1992 top top Billboard"s Dance/Club Play songs Chart.