Okay, guys, this is a pretty easy tiny hack, ideal here.

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I have verified this functions on an XR15 remote, i m sorry I believe is the latest. Remember, you’re programming the box, no the remote.

A search box will come increase while you’re doing this; pay no attention to it, just follow these straightforward instructions:

Hit leave -> exit -> departure (EXIT 3 times, quickly and deliberately)Type 0030 (this is where the search box will come up, disregard it)Press the ENTER switch (the button that glows white in the center of the directional pad)

Your PageUp button will now rapid forward 30 seconds, and your PageDown switch will rewind 15 seconds.

NOTE: This will NOT job-related on Xfinity On need titles. It will only occupational on DVR-recorded programs and live (buffered) television.

Hope this helps some folks.

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5 Responses come How to program Your X1 box For 30-Second Skip and also 15-Second Rewind

Leo says:
October 1, 2019 in ~ 7:53 pm

I want to customize to 1 or 2 2nd rewind because that live sports but it doesn’t seem favor that is an option. 15 secs is too long if I desire to watch a pitch or fight over and also over again. Straight TVs replay button was 3seconds i think and also that was perfect because that live sports. If I wanted 15 secs I would just press that 5 times…

Robert says:
May 7, 2021 in ~ 5:42 pm

May 2021 – this works v the newest far Xfinity sent, which didn’t even have the 8-second replay button.Did you ever before figure the end if there’s a means to execute anything besides the 15 and also 30 second jumps?


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