In the adhering to steps, girlfriend will eliminate the optimal vent, secured come the optimal panel through the thirteen clips shown.

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Orient the console so that the words "XBOX 360" top top the sides room right-side up, and the faceplate is encountering to the left.

Rotate the spudger far from the console, prying the edge of the pan vent up until the two plastic clips come free.


In the same manner defined above, begin prying the left next of the height vent far from the top bezel.

Orient the console so that the left case is dealing with toward you and the faceplate is dealing with toward the right.

Insert a metal spudger v the front-most cleft on the left sheet of the optimal bezel and between the bottom sheet of the clip and also the left case, as described above.

Simultaneously revolve the spudger far from the console and pull increase on the top bezel to complimentary the clip.

Grab the entire top panel through your hands, lift increase the whole left edge high sufficient to remainder the be separated clips on peak of the left case.

Rotate the console so that the behind of the Xbox 360 S is dealing with to the right, and also the right case is encountering you.

Insert a steel spudger v the rear-most slit on the right edge the the peak bezel and also between the bottom edge of the clip and also the appropriate case.

Orient the Xbox 360 S so the the difficult drive port is dealing with up and the faceplate is facing to the left.

Insert a metal spudger between the black color bottom vent and the silver- rim of the bottom bezel, in the rear right corner of the vent.

In the complying with steps, girlfriend will remove the bottom bezel, i m sorry is attached come the remainder of the console through the six clips shown.

Insert a steel spudger through the left center slit of the bottom bezel, and between the bottom edge of the clip and the left case.

Simultaneously traction the bottom bezel up and rotate the spudger away from the console to totally free the clip.

Turn the console about so the the faceplate is encountering to the right and the right instance is dealing with toward you.

Insert the spudger into the rear-most slot on the right edge the the bottom bezel, and wedge it behind the clip by advertise the spudger under while pushing the tip of the spudger versus the ideal case.

This clip does not have a cleft in the bezel to overview you. You deserve to locate the clip by looking under the bezel close to the difficult drive slot.

Locate the two clips connecting the right and also left situation along the height edge the the console, behind the Wi-Fi card.

Insert the flat edge that a metal spudger in between the left and also right cases where the warranty sticker offered to be.

Pry the left instance upwards to type a gap between the 2 cases, and slide the spudger in towards the left case.

Release one clip in the prior left edge of the bottom edge securing the left situation to the faceplate.

Lift the left leaf of the faceplate increase to relax the last 2 clips securing the faceplate to the ideal case.

Remove the solitary 9.2 mm T10 Torx screw securing the tough drive cable connector come the plastic bracket.

Unscrew the two 11.7 mm Phillips screws securing the fan to the warmth sink in the bottom right and top left corners of the fan.

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do I must buy a new fan, or go this tutorial basically use a an approach of cleaning points out to deal with the fan?

A little late i know, however if you’re obtaining this deep into the system, placed in a brand-new fan.

This tutorial to be perfect.

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Loved your instruction so simple to follow compared to all the other DIY website I have actually visited. Thank you therefore much!!!!! currently do you have actually one on how to download and also use torrent files?

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