Play over 100 console exclusives top top the extremely anticipated, newly designed One S, featuring 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray, 4K video streaming and High Dynamic variety for games and also video. Through all the biggest blockbusters this year, add to 360 backward compatibility titles, and also the most progressed multiplayer network, person is the ultimate games and also entertainment mechanism – beginning at $299.

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Today, we’re announcing the first set the 500GB and 1TB one s bundles, the one s Madden NFL 17 Bundle and the person Halo collection Bundle. Both bundles come in stores on august 23 and also are accessible for pre-order beginning today. one s Madden NFL 17 Bundle

In partnership v EA SPORTS, we’re supplying the person Madden NFL 17 Bundle for fans in the U.S. And also Canada. Pack with everything a football fan needs to get ready for the season, the person Madden NFL 17 Bundle come loaded with a 1TB hard drive to play all the biggest blockbusters in history, a full-game download* the Madden NFL 17, 7 Madden ultimate Team pro Packs and one month that EA accessibility for $349 USD / $449 CAD. And now because that a minimal time, once you acquisition the person Madden NFL 17 Bundle, you’ll acquire a promotional password for 20 percent off your following order in ~ person Halo arsenal Bundle

In enhancement to the person Madden NFL 17 Bundle, we’re additionally offering the one s Halo collection Bundle, the ideal way to dive into the civilization of One and also the iconic halo universe. The person Halo repertoire Bundle comes v a 500GB or 1TB One S, equivalent Wireless Controller and also five games between Halo 5: Guardians and also Halo: The grasp Chief Collection. It’s perfect because that those looking come relive the understand Chief’s epos journey or fight on the biggest maps in franchise background in Warzone multiplayer.

Both the 500GB and 1TB difficult drive choices for the One Halo repertoire Bundle will certainly be obtainable at participating retailers, consisting of Microsoft Stores, in the U.S., Canada, Australia and brand-new Zealand because that $299 USD and also $349 USD, respectively. Keep in mind that, in the U.S., the 1TB difficult drive choice will only be obtainable in very minimal quantities at select Microsoft Stores and also We’ll have an ext to share about 500GB and also 1TB person bundles in extr markets following month.

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We’re proceeding to market our fans the best choices to reap the games they want to play, with the people they desire to play with and on the gadgets they want. Even if it is fans fit up as a Spartan or an NFL quarterback, we look forward to supplying them the ultimate gaming and entertainment experiences on