Wish they"d assign at least one technician to clean increase Dashboard. It"s exceptionally useful. I"m continually sad it didn"t catch on an ext and that no one is composing plugins because that it anymore.

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Yeah i love the dashboard together an overlay. I have a widget to regulate my Hue lights that works great. Really easy to check the weather, stocks, time in other time zones because I have actually a couple of international colleagues, i like the difficult notes... Hope Apple doesn"t ditch it.

yahoo changed their weather API: https://developer.yahoo.com/weather/which claims they retired the old API in january, yet i suspect they quietly extended it because probably all kinds of stuff broke, not just dashboard widgets.

Yup, damaged for me, too. I"m using the widget in an alert Center because that now.IIRC, the widgets are written in JS. If they remain broken by the weekend perhaps I"ll take a crack at hacking them.

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Same. Quit working for a day or for this reason a couple of main back, then started working again, then quit working a couple of days ago. Weird the it is intermittent like that.I have the Dashboard set to come increase on a gesture from my Magic Mouse. An extremely easy to gain to, if the Notifications weather area takes more movement and also clicking to gain to. Annoying!


Very irritating. I use dashboard every the time. Or, at least, ns did. It"s wonderfully ad free--which, is perhaps the "problem."

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