On Thursday, we awoke come the news the our yearly personalized on facebook Year in review videos would shortly be available to peruse. These quick animated movies highlighting her year"s most-liked moments were super popular last year — and now you deserve to personalize them even further by learning how to modify your on facebook Year in review video. If Facebook typically does a pretty great job with their year-end wrap ups, it"s always amusing to watch what short articles the algorithm will pick to feature... And sometimes, they"re short articles we"d actually fairly not look back on. That"s where the edit feature come in handy: If a photo of one ex or a wild night the end pops up in your end-of-year vid, you"re walking to desire to do a couple of changes come ensure that the variation you share with your girlfriend is #flawless.

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When you clock this year"s animation, title "Another Trip around The Sun," every your most notable posts and also photos are placed on screen wedged in between some adorable graphics. The video includes photos you to be tagged in the garnered a high lot of likes, and even tallies the variety of times you reaction to write-ups over the previous 12 months. I"m a pretty enthusiasm person, for this reason I"ve hit the reaction button over 1,500 times this year. As you can see, I"m all around the likes.

To check out your personalized Year in review video, an initial make certain that you are logged in come Facebook. The video clip will either pop up at the height of her news feed as soon as you log in in or you deserve to go to the Year in review 2016 page. You can also access the web page by clicking the "Watch Yours" option on a friend"s Year in Review. This videos aren’t available for everyone just yet, so nothing sweat it if her is delayed by a work or two — making a personalized video clip for each of Facebook"s 1.79 billion customers is a tall order.

The video clip is personal until you pick to re-publishing it, so if it"s no to your liking together it is, make certain you modify it and also get exactly what girlfriend want prior to you share it. Here"s a step-by-step guide of how to make this year"s video extra special:

Edit her Profile Photo

1. Go To The Year In evaluation Page


To transform your Year in Review, an initial go to facebook.com/yearinreview2016. Click the "Edit Video" alternative to readjust the key profile picture you desire to appear in her video.

2. Pick "Edit Video" and also Choose A new Photo


A small box will pop up, through the an initial option being to "Choose her Photo." once you click on the image, a page with all your past and also present profile pics will appear. Click on the picture you want to use, and then click "Done." you can leave the editing options by click the "x" in the height right hand corner of the screen, or by click "cancel." If you are ready to re-superstructure the video after you make the photo change, click the "share" button and also blast it the end to your feed.

If you"re not fairly ready come share yet, though, friend can...

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Edit Posts and also Photos

1. Choose "Edit Video" and Choose new Posts


Don"t choose the short articles that are featured in your video? Swap "em out for people you execute like. From in ~ the editing bar, you deserve to scroll down through all the posts and photos facebook has contained in the instantly generated variation of your Year in Review. Bellow each post is the option "Replace This Post." for the posts you desire to remove, click "Replace" will carry you come a different box through all your write-ups from the year. Select the one you would like featured instead; climate click "Done" to use the change.

Edit Friends

1. Select "Edit Video" and Choose her Featured Friends


To swap friends in and out the the video, click the "Edit Video" button, and also scroll under to the an extremely bottom that the modifying bar to the "Choose Friends" section. Clicking on one the the image of a girlfriend you would choose to below out will carry you come a page of her friends" profile photos. Click a girlfriend you want featured and hit the "Done" button. For this reason easy!

Now the you have actually the perfect video to reflect her year, go forth and also share it v the world!