After Kyubi tricks you into defeating Massiface for him in ~ the building and construction site, you plan on visiting Eddie"s home in Breezy Hills.

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Let"s walk to Eddie"s!

If you walk to Breezy Hills, you"ll find that girlfriend can"t acquire into Eddie"s house without a rank B Watch! friend will need to go to Timers & an ext if youhaven"t upgraded her watch. Speak to Mr. Goodsight and also start the rank B Challenge.

Rank B Challenge

There is a Tengloom in the building and construction Site in Downtown Springdale (the building that girlfriend went with beforeyou dealt with Massiface), there is a Flumpy in the to buy Street Narrows(an alleyway in Flower road of Shopper"s Row) and Mad mountain in theAbandoned Tunnel.

The Mad hill is more difficult to uncover than the others. You have to followthe route behind the Shrine in Mt. Wildwood, northwest that Catfish Pond (where you discovered Bear"s Mom"s ring). The route leads to abandoned Tunnel West.

In the exit Tunnel, there is a broken mine cart close to the entrance, and also there is a functioning mine dare to the right. Gain into the mine cart, then go west, then clockwise to cross a wood bridge. You have to see a rank C Lock nearby. You don"t need to go v it, however there room some tougherYo-kai that you might want to befriend.

Go southern from the rank C Lock and also get into the mine cart there. You"ll reacha sweetheart chest. Go earlier into the mine cart, then walk to the northwest ofthis area and you will discover a switch. Usage it to switch the tracks, then go ago to the mine cart the you just used.

Go northeast indigenous the mine cart and also you will discover a Leadoni impede theway. After you fight it, you"ll acquire the Leadoni Wheel. Go north the thereto discover the Mad hill that you need to defeat because that the location B Challenge.

Go ago to Mr. Goodsight to complete the location B Challenge, climate go eastern to Uptown Springdale, and also from there go east to Breezy Hills.Go to the northeast that the area to uncover Eddie"s house. Usage your newlyupgraded watch to open the rank B Lock and go right into Eddie"s house.

Eddie"s mom will greet you at the door. Walk upstairs and talk come Eddie.He invites girlfriend to walk to the museum v him. He has to do chores first, therefore he says that the will accomplish you at the museum.

To Gourd Pond Museum!

The museum is south east of Eddie"s House. Walk inside and also go come the right tofind Eddie. Talk to him and also you"ll discuss the T. Rex exhibit. Next, goup the north stairs and also go come the upper-left of this area to find Eddieagain. Talk to him and also you"ll discuss an additional exhibit. Then walk to the bottom-right that this area to discover Eddie again. You"ll comment on the strangeartwork. Then walk downstairs and also talk come Eddie close to the prior desk.

Museum Rumors

Eddie says that that heard a rumor the an exhibit in the museum that was movingaround ~ above its own, yet he couldn"t uncover it. Then you overhear the receptionistsdiscussing a suit of armor that was supposedly moving roughly on the own.Eddie wants to examine it the end at night, so go home and also sleep until night, thencome back to the museum. Eddie will be outside, so speak to him.

He claims that because the prior doors are locked, you need to look roughly for one more entrance. Go around to the east side the the building and also check onthe monster mirror. Before you have the right to use your Yo-kai clock on it, Eddie reflects up.Then the mirror flashes and transports you right into the museum. Whisper says thatit was a Yo-kai dubbed Mirapo.

Eddie wanders off, then the Mirapo appears and says the it needs help stoppingthe armor that walks approximately at night. Eddie comes ago and states that the suitof armor should be in the vault through the undisplayed exhibits. Eddie willtry come disable the museum security system while girlfriend look for the crucial to thevault. Mirapo can teleport you come different areas of the museum, or outside.

Find the Vault Key

There room Yo-kai in the museum that could jump out and attack girlfriend while youwalk around. Over there is an Eyepo southwest the the reception desk.

Talk to the Mirapo the is come the south-east of the agree desk. It will certainly warp you to the left side of the area. Speak to the upper Mirapo to be warped come the 2nd floor. Go towards the left and also talk to the Mirapo over there tobe warped to the much right that the first floor.

Go to the northwest of the dinosaur room to find another Mirapo. It warps youto the middle of the very first floor. Strategy the stairs and also Eddie will certainly disablethe security obstacle so you deserve to go up the stairs. There space some prizes hereon the very first floor that you can reach currently that several of the barriers are gone,so walk around and also get those if friend want. Then go up the stairs.

There is a treasure come the left. ~ you get it, go to the ideal of thestairs and talk to the Mirapo come warp to the ideal side the this floor.

Talk to the turn Mirapo to go to the area in the bottom-right wherein youcan gain a treasure. Then speak to the Mirapo to walk back, and also talk come theMirapo in the bottom component of the room. Go southern from there and check top top theplant to find the vault key.

Talk to the Mirapos to go ago to the stairs, then walk down and talk toEddie in ~ the reception desk. That disables the rest of the defense barriers.

The Armor in the Vault

You could want to talk to Eyepo come heal and also save. Then walk to the door the was blocked by two lasers, and open it. Walk to the ago of the room andcheck top top the mysterious armor. It suddenly turns right into the Yo-kai Phantasmuraiand attacks! sometimes the front of the armor breaks and also a mouse pops out.Be certain to target the mouse when this happens.

The Armor"s True Face?!

After you defeat the Yo-kai, the computer mouse runs out of the armor, therefore Eddie thinksthat the armor was just moving due to the fact that of the mouse.

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You walk out and tell Mirapo the the mouse is gone and also the armor won"t moveanymore. Mirapo befriends you. From now on, Mirapo have the right to be found in variousplaces and can warp you to other places. Just be sure to talk to Mirapo assoon as you watch them, due to the fact that you have to activate them prior to you can usethem.