My name is Yoshikage Kira or Yoshikage Kira Copypasta refers to a lengthy monologue claimed by JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure manga and anime personality Yoshikage Kira in i beg your pardon he defines his an individual life and habits. Online, the monologue has actually been circulated together a copypasta and appeared in memes, generally in the anime community.

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On January 1st, 1994, thing 345 that JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure manga was released in Weekly Shonen jump №1. In the chapter, personality Yoshikage Kira beginning a an extensive monologue about his personal life, relenten his day-to-day routine, habits and interests (manga panels presented below).<1>


On respectable 19th, 2016, illustration 21 "Yoshikage Kira simply Wants come Live Quietly, component 1" of part four Diamond is Unbreakable that JoJo"s Bizarre Adventure anime collection premiered.<2> In the episode, the monologue is featured (shown below, left (Japanese) and right (English dub)).

My surname is Yoshikage Kira. I"m 33 years old. My home is in the northeast section of Morioh, wherein all the villas are, and I am no married. I work-related as one employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and also I acquire home every day by 8 PM at the latest. Ns don"t smoke, but I occasionally drink. I"m in bed by 11 PM, and make certain I gain eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having actually a glass of heat milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going come bed, i usually have no difficulties sleeping till morning. Similar to a baby, i wake up without any kind of fatigue or tension in the morning. Ns was said there were no problems at my critical check-up. I"m trying to explain that I"m a person who desire to live a an extremely quiet life. Ns take care not to problem myself with any kind of enemies, like winning and losing, the would reason me to shed sleep at night. That is just how I attend to society, and also I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if i were to fight i wouldn"t lose to anyone.


On might 28th, 2016, an cotton 4chan user made a write-up in i m sorry he an unified the Yoshikage Kira"s monologue through the monologue claimed by American Psycho protagonist Patrick Bateman come /a/ plank (shown below, left).<3> ~ above June 30th, 2016, an anonymous 4chan user posted the monologue as displayed in the analyzed version the the manga to /r9k/ board.<4> between July 11th and also 12th, 2016, four short articles containing the first part of the monologue were posted come /a/ board (shown below, right).<5><6><7><8>


On respectable 25th, 2016, several days after ~ the premiere that the illustration containing the scene, Funnyjunk user secretzx posted the monologue as shown in the English subtitles as a comment, through the reply getting 29 likes in 3 years.<9> On respectable 27th, Redditor Commanderofpie posted the monologue in /r/copypasta subreddit, obtaining 9 rise in six months.

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In the adhering to years, the monologue gained significant recognition in the anime community, often showing up as a copypasta in comment sections and also being referenced in memes.