Psalm 95:1-7 O come, let us sing depend theLord; let us make a joyful noise come the rock of our salvation! 2Let united state come before His presence with thanksgiving;let united state make a joyful noise depend Him v psalms!

3For theLordis a an excellent God, and also a great King over all gods. 4In His hand are the deep areas of the earth; the heights of the mountains are also His. 5The sea is His, for He made it, and His hands developed the dried land.

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6O come, let united state worship and also bow down; let us kneel prior to theLord, our Maker.7For the is our God, and we space the world of His pasture and the sheep of His hand.

Oh God! Worthy space you mr to be praised! Lord, I thank you because that life and also a reasonable part of strength and health on today.

I adore girlfriend Almighty God! Worthy room you to be praised O Lord! i lift my hand in adoration, praise and thanksgiving to you lord for girlfriend alone space worthy of my praises!

If you room visiting below on today, open vast your mouth and give God the praise, glory and also honor the deserves. He has kept you another day in your appropriate mind.


Father, we give thanks to you and also we elevator up worship of thanksgiving come you this day and also everyday.

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Mighty God space you Lord! Worthy space you to be praised.

It is you lord who have actually made us and also not us ourselves so we lift up holy hands and bow down hearts in worship and also praise to you alone Lord. Native the fruit of our lips and also the bottom of ours hearts we give thanks to you lord for you alone space worth Lord.

King that Kings and Lord of Lord! five God, I praise YOU and I worship you on now for “WORTHY” room You Lord!

Sovereign God you room worthy! we honor you and we give you many thanks for providing us a mental to desire to praise and also worship friend alone Lord.

WE will PRAISE you LORD, WE will certainly WORSHIP YOU, WE will MAGNIFY and GLORIFY her NAME lord FOR YOU space WORTHY!

Father, in then name of Jesus, us come right here to this website where your divine Spirit resides to market up come you, adoration, worship, praise, glory and also honor come you alone on today. Us adore and also magnify girlfriend on this particular day Lord, and to lift increase our hands through praise and thanksgiving for every one of your love, grace, mercy, faithfulness, goodness and also kindness the you continue to show us job in and also day out, even though we room undeserving of lock all.

King of mine life, lord of mine life, I provide you worship for you room worthy! i Love friend Lord!

Lord you produced us to prayer you and also I market up my praise and also worship come you top top today.