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"You might Stop At five Or six Stores" is a scripted line repeatedly uttered by numerous actors if auditioning because that an unknown commercial in ~ the Sarantos Studio of Acting.

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<6> The quote climbed to online notoriety and also became a popular subject of parodies ~ an edited montage reel that the audition, which consists of miscellaneous actors awkwardly transporting the tagline along with other off-screen commentaries and also dramatic poses, was uploaded come YouTube in 2010.


On may 1st, 2010, YouTuber Architect uploaded the earliest recognized footage indigenous the audition reel in a video clip titled "The Billy blacksmith Post." (shown below, left) ~ above February 4th, 2014, which has actually over 300,000 views. YouTuber josh uploaded an extensive montage indigenous the very same audition (shown below, right) in ~ the Santos Studio of acting in Oak Park, Illinois. The video titled “you might stop and five or 6 stores” is one audition reel which contains actors carrying the title line and other azer phrases. Because being uploaded to YouTube, the two video clips have garnered little over 300,000 views and also seven million views, respectively as of June 2017.


On in march 19th, 2013, a YouTube playlist was created the /r/cringe subreddit<1>, showing several clips of the various auditions, with the thread acquiring 76 upvotes, and also on February 22nd, 2014, an additional thread<2> to be made of the video uploaded by josh, i m sorry has gained over 3,000 upvotes. On august 3rd, 2013, BuzzFeed employee member Dave Stopera posted an article<3> ~ above Buzzfeed around the videos, asking users who they would certainly cast. Online, particularly Tumblr and also Reddit, miscellaneous images and also posts relating come the clips have the right to be found<4><5>, and multiple discussions and requests, and also comments on the videos themselves, for what the clips space about<7><8>.

Other connected videos such together parodies and reactions have sprung up on Youtube. One popular example titled “my anaconda might stop at five or six stores" to be uploaded by Youtuber Jack Stalter and also has reached over 200,000 views together of June 2017. The parody features the sample of baby Got back from the track Anaconda by Nicki Minaj together edited clips of the audition so that the actors show up to be lip synching come the tune.

Lines from the audition have likewise been pulled and have become popularized. Because that example, “Can ns ask you kind of a monster question” and “I can’t stand it when she touch me” have become popular searches top top google, reddit, and youtube.

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As that June 2017, there are over 488,000 search results for the expression "you can stop at five or 6 stores or simply one" ~ above YouTube.