Mini-PCiExplanationMost internal wireless network cards in laptops affix using a mini-PCi interface. USB, Firewire, ExpressCard, are outside buses for external devices.

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SATAExplanationMost laptop internal tough disks usage SATA interfaces, yet the connectors might be customized for the small form factor of the laptop. PCIe (PCI Express) is a brand-new bus for desktop systems. At one time, many internal difficult disks offered the ide interface, however is no longer true. The bus size is too huge for laptop computers. Mini-PCI slot are generally used for wireless devices, not storage devices. USB and also Firewire relationships are frequently external connections.
L shape34mm large at the connectorExplanationExpressCard /54 space : shame cards that are 34mm large at the connector end, however 54mm vast on the outside edge. ExpressCard /34 are rectangle-shaped cards that space 34mm wide. Older pc Cards offered a 68-pin connector.
Compatible ExpressCards for the laptop encompass cards which space rectangular-shaped.You have the right to use an ExpressCard /34 card or an ExpressCArd /54 card in the laptop. ExplanationThe ExpressCard /54 slot accepts both ExpressCard /34 or ExpressCard /54 cards. ExpressCard /34 room rectangular=shaped cards, and ExpressCard /54 room :-shaped cards.
DigitizerExplanationA digitizer pad is provided in tablet computer PCs to receive input. Intake is created onto the pad through a stylus pen pen, then those movements are transferred into data that is processed by the system. A touchpad and a touch display uses your fingers to receive input to move or click the mouse. A trackpoint or pointing pole is a knob that moves the cursor.
Point stickExplanationPointing pole (also dubbed a trackpoint) are small knobs in the center of the keyboard. Pushing on this knob moves the cursor. The touchpad is located below the keyboard. Relocating your finger throughout the pad moves the mouse. You can additionally tap the touchpad to click the mouse. A digitizer pad is supplied in tablet computer PCs to get input. Entry is composed onto the pad v a stylus pen pen, then those activities are transferred into data the is processed by the system. An ExpressCard us an development card for laptops.
The strength cord because that the laptop has a block on that (sometimes dubbed a brick). What does this block do?
Converts AC power to DCExplanationThe block (also well-known as a brick) converts alternate current (AC from the wall outlet to direct present (DC) offered by the computer"s interior components. CCFL-backlit LCD monitors use AC power. One inverter must convert the DC strength from the block to AC power. One LED-backlit LCD monitor supplies the DC strength from the block.
Ribbon cable ExplanationA laptop keyboard is generally linked to the system board making use of a flat, ribbon-like cable. PS/2 ports space used connect external devices, such together keyboards and also mice, to older laptops. USB connectors are used to affix external keyboards to a laptop. The strength cable because that floppy drives uses a mini-molex connector.
You have a notebook computer with a built-in wireless network card. Sooner or later it stop working. Since the network map is incorporated onto the motherboard, you carry out not want to replace the entire motherboard. What have the right to you use to attach to the wireless network?
Insert an ExpressCard wireless network card. Insert a wireless USB network card.ExplanationYou can include devices come a notebook computer system using USB or ExpressCard interface. Girlfriend cannot add a PCI card to a notebook. The infrared port would certainly not it is in able to affix to the wireless network together it uses a different signal type to communicate in between devices. Bluetooth is used to connect to personal area networks (PANs), not LANs.
You have been told to replace the difficult drive top top a laptop computer system that has actually a drive bay available from the outside of the computer. Which of the adhering to should you carry out after powering down the system?
Remove the battery.Unplug the AC power.ExplanationBefore servicing the laptop, every power need to be eliminated from this unit, consisting of AC and also the battery. Over there is no should disconnect the keyboard or mouse, or eliminate the memory.
You desire to upgrade the storage modules in a notebook computer. What space the most typical ways to accessibility the memory slots?
Open a panel on the bottom the the notebook.Remove the keyboard. ExplanationYou can generally view or include memory to a laptop by removed the access panel on the bottom of the notebook. Some models have one slot obtainable from the bottom, and also a 2nd slot obtainable under the keyboard. Tough drives and optical cd driver are replaced by removed the slide-out tray (on the front or the side) that holds the device. The bezel is the case in i beg your pardon the LCD screen is set, and also typically homes the antenna for wireless network cards.
Find a company manual through correct disassembly procedures.ExplanationBefore instead of the video card, uncover the documentation to recognize the ar of screws and to recognize installation sequences because that accessing the system components. On many notebook, you accessibility the video clip card by remove the keyboard. Some video cards are integrated on the motherboard and cannot be replaced. If the video clip card have the right to be replaced, friend will should disconnect the display screen wires. You can generally view or add memory come a laptop by remove the accessibility panel ~ above the bottom the the notebook. The bezel is the situation in i beg your pardon the LCD display screen is set, and typically homes the antenna because that wireless network cards.
You should replace the hard disk in her lap computer. I m sorry of the following hard journey sizes would certainly you likely choose for the laptop?
2.5"ExplanationNotebook hard drives and SSD drives are typically 2.5". 3.5" drives room normal sized drives for desktop computer. 5.25" room older hard drives and floppy drives.
You have removed the bezel from a notebook display screen that has actually stopped functioning. You check out a DC to AC power inverter in ~ the base of the screen.

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This is one LCD display that provides CCFL backlighting. ExplanationThe inverter looks prefer a long, rectangular circuit board and also is supplied to convert DC power into the AC power used by the fluorescent tubes for the CCFL backlighting. The inverter is usually situated at the base of the screen. LED backlighting does not usage a strength inverter.