Is the player personality in autumn 4 a Synth? What proof exists (either in-game or comment of developers) that support the answer?


In the Automatron DLC quest, Restoring Order, once you gain access to The Mechanist"s lair, over the speaker you hear "incoming robot detected, opening defense doors" (you have a robot with you throughout this quest) but then girlfriend hear "no bio signs detected, proceed".

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That is the best piece of proof I have actually seen to support the main character gift a synth. The character to be scanned and there to be no traces of bio life. Ns didn"t want to think I was a synth either yet that really opened up my eye to the idea. Hard proof.

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Evidence for being a synth:

Father describes letting you out together "an experiment the sorts", and also "there to be no longer a reason to store you suspended."

Every various other cryo pod"s occupant passed away due to life assistance failure. Why didn"t you?

The only reason father can give for maintaining you on ice for his entire life is "there wasn"t really a factor to let friend out."

The "experiment of sorts" described whether or not you"d monitor him under - however consider: what specifically are the odds that someone arising from a vault with a 10mm pistol and also taking on the Commonwealth? IF the experiment was about whether you"d monitor him down, then her survival was not a variable, it to be guaranteed. Guaranteed by the fact that you"re pre-programmed with enhanced combat protocols, and can it is in rebuilt if destroyed.

Father "knew" you"d survive. Together his successor, he "knows you"ll execute the ideal thing". He "KNOWS" an terrible lot about your behavioral practices.

When friend tell him you love him, his response is "I deserve to see the you do. It"s remarkable." an additional line of his is "As remarkable together our synths are, they deserve to be... Danger without ideal supervision." Another, "You average the child? It"s a fascinating project, really. There are worries to it is in solved, that course, however we"ve do remarkable progress."

When talking about synths, that sure supplies the native "remarkable" a lot.

"Did friend think we would not see what you have actually done?!" - uneven the academy has arisen a scientific crystal ball and built advanced fortune informing robots, they saw what girlfriend did because your synth mind is transmitting its entry data come the Institute.

In the Institute, details presented in among the computer system terminals describes the Gen-3 synths" tardy of combat, and also it is identical to exactly how the player experience "VATS". It also makes a good deal more sense than a bulky Pip-Boy in which method slowing time throughout combat.

This response is just me trying out the idea. Ns hadn"t thought about it before. There"s definitely evidence to ago up the theory. And also while it would be basic to speak "there"s no evidence that you"re human, either!" - how can there be?

The an excellent journey that the player is not, to me, proof that they are synth or human. The game stars them since if that starred a feral ghoul perma-locked in a shipping crate, it wouldn"t be a really fun game. The video game stars you because you"re the hero of the story - so it"s not proof either way.

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The best piece of evidence:

The hero agree the "I kept you frozen due to the fact that there wasn"t a reason to let you out" heat is favor the synths in Westworld saying "It doesn"t look favor anything to me."

Here"s one reason: because you made it through the life support failure the every other pod, the institute must have actually been monitoring your pod, or supplying it through power. If dad is yes, really so emotionally disconnected (a concept his character appears to typically not adhere to) then pushing the "thaw" switch is less of a drain on Institute sources than giving your pod with power. There"s her tiny friggin" reason, sonny.